Monday, January 30, 2012

I printed out a small photo of my old Dozer dog this morning to put into my little gold locket I wear all the time.  He'll be in there with my sweet darling Wilbur who died 4 years ago. He was a special little guy I brought with me from Australia when I came to live in Canada.  Now I'll have my two boys with me all the time.  Somehow a little gold locket helps heal the pain and loneliness of not having Wilbur with me ... and it will keep my new "old dog" with me as well.  It makes you feel that they are with you wherever you go....  always in one's heart.

snag the little girl if you want... you would need to click
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A desktop wallpaper for you.. click on it to see it larger... although I'm not sure if it shows up as full size. Blogspot seems to have altered their options for viewing ... anyway its very pretty on my computer screen so I hope you enjoy it too.  How the dickens they fitted into these dresses with such small waists is anyone's guess. This one doesn't even look as if she could breathe.... but what a snazzy umbrella...  love it..

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little cutie... gotta love that huge bow.
Click on her image to see it original size...

We've had snow this morning.... deer visited and they are not one bit scared of my big old barking Dozer dog.  I think they know he doesn't go any further than the fence line.
We went outside early in the darkness and there was a heap of wolves or coyotes howling in the distance.  I felt sad for the little deer who had seen us come out in the shadows and were waiting for some food. I sure hope they stay safe.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You can click on the image to see it so much larger... this guy was my first visitor this morning and he helped himself to the bird seed in the feeders..  then along came the mother deer and the 6 little ones who obviously are orphaned either from having their mum killed by wolves or other predators, hunters or perhaps by trains or vehicles.  I always feel so sad to see them .. but the one female seems to know they are alone so they have all come together and formed their own little herd.    They are all quite beautiful standing in the snow ... sometimes with snow on their eyelashes and chin and as little as the small ones are they still do the kicking trick to get the other ones away from the corn on the snow.  Quite funny to watch them imitating the big guy...

Monday, January 23, 2012

I guess Valentine's Day is our next celebration.  The shops already have lots of pretty red hearts about.  Chocolates of course ...  and lots of red roses ....

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I've gone all catty lately.... :-) 
I love making these cute little furry things into something vintage and pretty.  I wish I had some little grand babies so I could frame the kitties and put them up on their nursery walls.   Wow ... its's oh! so cold here this morning... minus 45 ... the deer came and are standing holding up their feet because they obviously are freezing out there ...  little whiskers and eyelashes have icicles on them.  As did my Dozer dog yesterday when he ventured out there for about 3 minutes.  They have plenty to eat however... after a trip to the supermarket to get all the produce they were tossing into the bins.  We came home with lots of watermelon, oranges, carrots, lettuce, potatoes, beets, apples etc.  After a two or more hour cut up session where we had to take off the rubber bands, or plastic bags etc. it all got chopped up and put out on the ice for the deer and birds.   They are well and truly into it this morning but I did have to try and loosen it all up with the shovel.  It's all like cement. Hard as rocks but I watched as they pried away a piece of watermelon and obviously it melts in their mouth like popsicles.  I sure hope our temperatures rise a bit soon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Miss Kitty from my Etsy Shoppe....
she's all done up in her Spring and Summer finery ... with little bunches of roses.
She obviously isn't living here with me ... lol..
minus 35 outside and going down to nearly minus 50 tonight. I'm thinking we are living at the North Pole.  By golly its so cold even my Dozer dog when he went out this morning for his bathroom break came back with icicles on his whiskers and eyelashes. He was only outside for about 5 minutes .... not even that. 
oh dear... so cold....

Monday, January 16, 2012

she even comes in sepia colour...
she would look wonderful in a nursery ... in a shabby chic setting, as an album cover, in a frame, or any way you wish to use her.  Great little greeting cards to send to your family and friends perhaps.  She comes one to a sheet and you can print as many as you like ... I would add a gorgeous white satin ribbon or perhaps a pink one tied in a bow  ...  I really do love her .. she was fun to create.

Our deer have been visiting today .. poor little things its so cold out there. Minus 35 or lower tonight.  Strange thing was when I saw them today there were 6 little ones and only one mother. I don't know why they are all coming with the mother and her twins ... perhaps they are orphaned ... and just following her around.  I fed them lots .. and they even sat in the little covered wooded hideout just at our fence line ... and enjoyed some much needed afternoon warmth from the sun. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A banner for your own Etsy Shoppe or maybe for a blog ...
or you could add a greeting to it and insert it at the top of your emails...
Click on it to see it larger size...and save it from there.

As I wake each morning and look at my adorable Dozer dog .. he's getting old... but he sure is beautiful.  I'm envious of his gorgeous thick fur coat, which does not need ironing, does not need mending, does not shrink when he gains weight .... he never needs his hair cut, and he's absolutely stunning every single day of his life no matter his age or his size.  No wrinkles, no double chin, doesn't have to buy new clothes, doesn't worry about whats in or out ... he's not fashion conscious.  And best of all he loves me whether I'm fat or thin, clever or dumb, poor or rich ....whether I can walk slow or fast,  whether I need a haircut or a makeover or a trip to the beauty parlour...  He takes me as I am ...our love heals everything.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

I added this cutie to my Etsy shoppe the other night...
Had a lot of fun creating it.... 

Well Christmas has come and gone. Already in the stores are Valentines goodies. Seems like these years go by so quickly ...  our little deer are arriving.. more each day to get the corn I leave for them.  Mum and two babies yesterday.  Also the little chickadees never seem to go away ... they are always hungry and always looking for the sunflower seeds.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gorgeous big beautiful hat. 
I love these images of pretty women in elegant and over the top hats. 

During the Christmas holidays I watched a few of Jane Austen's stories in movies on PBS.  Last night I also watched "Howard's End" .. a British show about love and lost fortunes and a glorious big house in the country. 

Costumes were stunning, and the interior scenes were gorgeous. 
Then today I downloaded a freebie book for my Kindle all about Jack the Ripper.  A new theory on who he might have been.
I really am a vintage/Victorian fan...   :-)