Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gosh some days I forget to sign in here and leave you a blog post.  With my eye surgery, my new old dog, and my grand daughter here its been a bit hectic lately.  I sure do love seeing better. Everything sparkles especially the chandelier over my kitchen table which I picked up last year at a garage sale.  I'd never seen it before with so much light glistening on the drops and the gold parts were shiny and new looking.  Even the sun coming in through my lace curtains look prettier.    The fog has been lifted.... the brightness has arrived and the depth of colour and clarity is spectacular. I made sure I gave my doctor a hug before I left him the day after my surgery and told him how clever he was and how much I appreciated him.  I think he was a bit shocked ...  Sadly I don't think enough people express their gratitude as they should. 

My lovely new "old dog" is settling in and making himself completely at home.  If I don't get up and dressed quickly enough he's barking at me to get a move on so we can go walking.  If nothing else I might end up a bit fitter. He is much better at it than I am... we are a good pair at times with aching bones and creaking knees.  He's absolutely beautiful and a joy to care for. I hope I can give him some quality and fun and love and warmth in the years he has left.  We never know what is around the corner in our lives .. the years go by so darn quickly lately I just can't keep up. 

I love comments as the little image says so drop me a line as I'd love to hear from you and let me know if you enjoy my blog ....  somewhere I saw on the news that blogger viewership had been dropping along with so many other once busy websites ...  I guess more people are Facebooking or Twittering than reading blogs these days.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

One for you from my Etsy Shoppe...
hope you like it.  Click on it to bring it up original size.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well eye surgery wasn't too bad.  I was very sick afterwards and was eager to get home again.  It will be about 3 months before I can lift anything or bend down plus I have to only sleep on one side and wear an eye guard when sleeping or napping.  Hopefully I'll be able to see a whole lot better in the future. More visits to the doctors though before all that happens ........   I'll get something made for you all here soon..... 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A tag image for you to save and print out as many times as you like.

You could add another image on it if you wish. I have done lots of these and placed pretty Victorian ladies on the end.

Punch a hole and add a gorgeous bow and you'll have a great way to embellish a gift to someone you care about.  I have heaps of these on hand for all sorts of occasions and there's room for you to add your greeting.  Click on the image to see it original size.  When its printed it comes out around 3 x 2 inches.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My eye surgery is this coming Monday and I'm scared about it all.  The procedure sounds like a script from a sci fi movie... yikes!!    I'm just hoping it helps me to see better because I sure hate being nearly blind.   I'd miss not being able to create and design pretty things for people to use.  Plus how would I walk the dog ... my brand new companion called Dozer.  I guess he'd have to walk me.    Bless his little heart he's stuck to me like super glue.  Won't leave my side.  He's bathed, brushed, toenails clipped, ears cleaned, and he's looking pretty cool.  We will be so good for each other. 
I sure do love having an adopted "son".... he's so gorgeous and we walk every day a couple of times.  Dozer is good company, and so funny. I know I'll have to start taking lots of photos of him because he is quite stunning.  Big white wolf face ... he's like a small horse... lol..... 
anyway here is something pretty for you all who are saving the goodies I share here. Don't forget to go over to my Etsy Shoppe for all sorts of wonderful things you can use in your creations.  Use it as  you wish including commercial purposes.  Click on the image below to see it come up original size.  I love printing these out and punching a hole in the corner and tying a pretty pink bow... and using them as gift tags.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Having lovely, lovely lovely visit with grand daughter Hannah. She's getting so tall and is quite beautiful.  Yesterday we made ice cream delights ... in sugar cone bowls, filled them with strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, ice cream, sprinkles, drizzled melted chocolate and mars bar pieces all over and had great fun.  And another nice thing happened the other day when my dear old hubby said to me that we could adopt the doggie Dozer from two doors down and have him as our own.  

He's being spoiled by me .. and I'm so happy that he won't have to be out in the cold winters ever again. I sure do love him.  He's about 9 or 10 so whatever years he has left they will be comfortable and happy with me looking after him and keeping him company.  We'll be keeping each other company.  Nothing in the whole world is worse than loneliness.....   and I have a "sleeping" design assistant now who seems to want to make himself comfortable on the soft rug on the floor in our little office next to me at the computer.  He's sticking to me like super glue.... lol.....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well the old pot plants have bitten the dust....got completely water logged with all the rain before I went on holiday and now they have pretty much had it. Oh well.  At least its nice to see the lovely green grass around us and thank goodness there are no forest fires.  Lawns have been mowed, weeds have been whacked, birds and squirrels have been fed and I guess all is well with my little world up here in the woods.

Sadly the mayhem in London with the rioting is absolutely terrible....   I've not watched a lot of the world news when I was away and that's been a good thing because so much of it is devastating and sad.  I also have had a good rest for my right arm which has carpal tunnel syndrome .. or Repetitive Strain Injury as we call it in Australia ... now I have my eye operation ahead of me next week and as much as I'm scared stiff about it I really am looking forward to seeing better and perhaps getting my driving licence back.  Our cute little white Jeep is so nice and I would love to be driving it so I'll have to get studying the rules again and when I pass my eye test I'll be ready to roll and tryout for the licence.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Grand daughter Hannah is here with us for a stay during her school vacation... and next door neighbours need me to look after their beautiful big white dog whose photo is a few posts down in my blog here. 
I'm gonna be busy ....   :-)

Home at last. My  2 week vacation down south to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and also to Kamloops and Langley went very quick. We had heaps of fun with children and grandchildren and the greatgrandpa and greatgrandma ...  wonderful trip on a huge ferry .... watched a movie at the cinema which is quite a treat for us as we don't have a movie theatre in our little country town.   Lots of yummy yummy yummy things to eat like Baskin and Robbins ice cream......  to die for.....  I had a double scoop ... one was pineapple and coconut, and the other was rocky road.. in a sugar cone that was coated in chopped up reese's pieces.. those delicious candy bars that are chocolate and peanut butter.

Bought lots of pretty things at the Michaels craft store.. got some new shoes at the Walmart, and played in the pool with the grand children.  Of course of course of course... very important person to see was my beautiful grand dog Chewie.  I think I spoiled him and I'm sure this morning when he woke up he'd be looking in my bedroom to see if his grandma was there.  He snored, he wriggled and we laughed and had fun. 

It's always good to get home again.  But it seems like we've been away for ages. I didn't even remember how to do some things on my Etsy shoppe settings ... but I guess it won't take long to all come back to me.  We came home to wonderful sunshine ... and a lawn knee deep.   I'll be sharing some pretties for you soon ...