Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Painting, sanding, and all sorts of activities today as we near the end of our endeavours to put our house up for sale.  Monday will be the day then we can begin to just sit back and wait for a buyer.   We have had lovely, gorgeous rain all day so that should help with all the terrible wild fires around us... and I'll be so glad to get out of these painting clothes ...  although wearing crappy things is much easier when you are cooking not having to worry about splashing yourself.  Or doing dishes or anything else when your clothes are covered in paint.  Also we have ordered a new computer so that will arrive about second week in September.  I'm busy making a note of email addresses, favourite plug ins for paintshop pro, favourite websites or links to authors I like.  I have so much to remember ... so my little pink notebook has come in handy for writing that stuff in.

I noticed old Tiger Woods got divorced yesterday. Wife gets about 700 million dollars.  And what about those miners trapped  in South America .. they think they will  still be there until Christmas. Isn't that incredible.  It will take them that long to dig them out.  I think it would drive you to insanity being confined in a dark space for that length of time.  They can give them food and water and anti depressants I heard on the news ...   and notes from loved ones but what a terrible experience it will be for them.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A quick note today.... our computer hardrive went beserk yesterday so we have nothing much to work with except our old hardrive which is on its last legs and has none of our files on it.  Yikes!!!!   I hope we can get our good one fixed soon.  I'll be lost without the goodies I work with and people's email addresses etc....  so bear with me and hopefully in the next week I might be up and running again properly. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Desktop wallpaper for you from
I added my mum to it  ...  its 1250 x 800 in size and looks pretty on your big screen computer.
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As I clear out our house, move stuff around and find things I never knew I had or had completely forgotten about I am also doing the same with my computer.  Links to all sorts of things in my favourites area .... finding good stuff that I will definitely have to go through more thoroughly.  One was a Victorian link that led me to many other webpages one of which was for hand made Vintage corsets.  By golly seeing those would make anyone go on a diet. Their waists were so tiny and with all that pushing and pulling ... the old boobs would surely get a new lease on life.  *(s).   I doubt that I could even breathe having myself scrunched in like that.    I also just noticed the magnifying glass option on the bottom of my screen  (right hand side) where it says 100%.   If you click on that it makes the size of your words etc on screen so much larger.  I must have accidentally clicked on that one day because my words suddenly were weird and also wonderful .... so that's a good thing to remember if your eyesight is failing like mine is.    

Another day of doing stuff .... nearly finished thank goodness.  I hope we both make it still in one piece after some near misses from falling boxes and  ladders. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

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I've had a busy week since arriving home from my vacation.  Done so much I can hardly believe it.  Painted fences, decks, boot room walls, ....  Moved so much furniture, boxes, containers, cleared off shelves, sorted through stuff I didn't know I had ....  filled up the sheds, re-arranged and moved outside garden furniture and potted plants, ...  repaired the wooden bits around one of our inside doors,

made a curtain for my bedroom, so much work I'm wearing myself out. *(s).  Soon I hope to get onto learning my driving licence book again and perhaps taking a driving test if I can find a little car to do it in.  If I can't borrow one for the test I perhaps can pay the driving instruction people to loan me one of theirs.   I gotta try !!!!!!     oh well... at least I'm losing a bit of weight or at least not gaining any from taking this darn insulin. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I  made this desktop wallpaper yesterday ... whilst taking a break from repairs and moving stuff around. It was nice to get back to the old computer and see the lovely flower photos I had taken whilst away. I will be able to use them in so many of my creations.   Anyway the wallpaper is large 1250 x 800 and looks great on my computer .. *(s)... click on the image to see it full size and save or install it from there.
Moving ... even thinking about moving is such a daunting task but to come back from a vacation deciding that its best to move down where all our relatives are, more shops, hospitals, dentists, and all the other things we miss out on up here in the woods ..... unless we travel a long way to get there ...  well ... it's enough to make you crazy.  After making the big decision to up root ourselves and plant our old bodies in an apartment instead of having to do maintenance around our home and cut lawns etc is such a big step but one which inevitably I think comes with getting old.   Aching bones, diabetes,  all sorts of things one doesn't have to deal with usually when younger... but now its catching up with us and I'm so looking forward to having places to go and things to see.

We've been up and down ladders making repairs to things, moving furniture around, making our rooms less cluttered ... even though they were nice to begin with one wonders where the heck did all the stuff come from in the first place.  My little un-used car got towed away yesterday ... I cried ... it was a part of my life when I first came here to Canada and it was when I could drive.  Many years without driving means I'll need to try again for my licence. Oh well...  I'll keep you all posted on the adventures of old Jana ....  in the meantime I'm at least glad that we have not been burned to pieces in these horrible forest fires happening all around us.  Many places have been evacuated.  And the smoke is horrendous.  Lightening it seems is the main culprit for starting them ... one is so huge and out of control they are just having to let it burn itself out. How that can possibly happen is beyond me.    It's pretty bad .........................

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When I was away on vacation so was Michelle Obama. However her jaunt cost the US taxpayers plenty. At a time when there is so many unemployed and the housing crisis etc she thought nothing of shelling out thousands of dollars on her trip. Security alone was a monstrous cost to the public. Gosh I don't know why these people think they can keep spending and there'll be no backlash. Furious that her husband Barack Obama invited Oprah Winfrey to his Chicago birthday bash, first lady Michelle blew nearly half a million dollars on a shopping spree in Spain! Now the first couple are facing a huge backlash because her extravagant overseas vacation will cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $75,000 a day! The American press roasted Michelle for her luxury getaway, with one newspaper columnist calling her "a modern-day Marie Antoinette" for vacationing while the economy lost 131,000 jobs.Obama however, is well aware that Oprah helped his campaign immensely by endorsing him for president, and he knows that he's going to need her again...hence the invitation to his party. Aren't they indeed just like the rest of the politicians. Not really interested in the good of the country but instead focussed on themselves.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

There's a very pretty new vintage desktop wallpaper for you over at my Reflections of the Past blog ....
It's made nice and big and I love it.   Just click on the image to see it full size and save it from there.

So funny.... I guess it was the only soft spot around.  I'm glad my granddog didn't decide he was going to do this with me .... 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back home... wow was it a hot journey ... record breaking temperatures throughout British Columbia.  Now we have the daunting task of getting ready to sell our house and move down near Vancouver.  All the relatives are down there now and its going to be way too lonely for us here in the woods.   Lots of moving, sorting, deciding what to sell and keep ... apartments down there are very small unless you are a millionaire. *(s).  Had a lovely time ... granddog sleeping with his grandma... you can see from the photo if you click on it it will come up larger... and see how big he is and how much room he left me.  So funny. I adore him. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I have access to a computer just for this evening before we head home to our little country town so I'm dropping by to say hi and to say we have had a great time visiting.   Not looking forward to the long, long trip home in our hot old truck but keeping fingers crossed it will make it.    The fires in the forests we had experienced on the way down have lessened so that is good... looking forward to seeing the grands (kids and dog)...on the way ... *(s).... and I'm sure they will have missed us already.  I'm hoping the little girl next door to our house is still watering my plants whilst I'm absent.  I have missed the little birds and sitting on my deck watching them feed and bathe.  It's been very hot up there.   Oh well.... that's it for me for tonight... bags are nearly packed and we'll be heading out so early.  Hope to get back to my blogging soon ........ 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just checking in from a friends house.  Wow its hot here today ... down near Vancouver.  We all came for a walk but my old knees were still hurting from the fall from my bike so I'm staying put till they pick me up on the way back from doing their shopping.....    Trip down the highway from home (way up north) .. took us some 15 or so hours and all the way there were forest fires.  So much smoke it was hard to drive and see.  One of the big water bombers crashed tragically the day before we went through that area and two pilots were killed.  It's such a dangerous job.  So sad ... fires are still raging out of control and there are nearly 400 burning so far even up close to where we came from so I'm hoping they can deal with that one.

We saw lots of deer on the highway ... a moose and even a bear in one of the fields.So much traffic being a long weekend in Canada ... I was glad when we got to our destination because everyone seems to be in such a hurry on the roads.  Wonderful drive down through the huge canyon where you look down over the side of the road and its about 400 or more feet below you .... river raging along and two train lines. They look like toys winding their way along the mountain side.  Made me wonder how on earth did the men ever construct such a thing.   Well I shall go ....