Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm devastated by the oil spill happening off the coast of Louisiana. I cannot bear to think of the horrible things it will do to the wildlife and fisheries.  It's growing at the rate of 200,000 gallons per day and there seems no end to it. The authorities say it could go on for months.  Why do these oil companies build these things and seemingly have no way of capping the spills .. no matter how deep they are under the ocean or whatever caused the explosion of the oil rig.  I suppose its easier said than done but what a catastrophe.  It makes me cry to think about it ......

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I should have really posted these images onto my vintage blog "Reflections of the Past" .. but they are so interesting you all might like to see them here.  Pages from a very old Victorian book on how to do stuff...
and "doing stuff" was no small feat in the days when you couldn't go to the dry cleaners ... didn't have a vacuum cleaner, nor supermarkets to find the latest cleaning agent.  I guess all these things worked... and as I read my Victorian mysteries and watch movies and television shows in that genre I find it enthralling to read about how the house maids did all the work.  Poor ladies.. I don't envy them having to clean all those gorgeous dresses.. which dragged on the ground most of the time.     Click on the images to see them full size so you can view them easier.


I sure hope they get the terrible oil slick cleaned up off the coast of Florida.  It's growing daily at the rate of 42,000 gallons from the sunken oil platform after the explosion and it disappearing into the sea.  Gosh I hate the oil ...  its so destructive and thousands of fish and birds etc will perish in its path.  What a mess.
A very pretty little blue bird on a card for you to use to send to family and friends.... click on the image to see it full size and save it from there...

I've been busy today transplanting a little tree from the front of the house to the back and during the time I was working outside I could hardly hear myself think for the beautiful noise of the hundreds of birds at the feeder and in the field and trees near the yard. I think it must be mating season. 

They are eating us out of house and home ... lol.... I can't keep the food up to them ........ I think they might also like perching on the tree I just planted there.  I had to just sit for a few moments and look and listen to their gorgeous songs.  Absolutely stunning.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I got a nice new haircut just now.  I had wanted it cropped up the back for years .. and a couple of other places I'd been to didn't seem to do what I wanted.   Long in the front but shorter in the back .. I think it looks great and I was so happy in the salon I hugged the lady who cut it for me and told her I'd definitely be back.

Living up here in the woods doesn't require a gorgeous new haircut and I'd been cutting my own hair for about 8 years...  I thought you might like a photo of me... and boy oh boy ... it sure isn't easy to take a photo of yourself backwards....  lol....  anyway I feel all spruced up now for spring and summer.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shopping sure does make my feet ache ... trying on stuff as well is a real pain. I hate having to do that.  Wasn't successful in getting a new bra. In fact I don't know any woman who is really, really happy and comfortable in their bras.  Saw some wildlife on our hour trip up north (if we kept on going we would end up in Alaska... ) ...  I remember when I arrived in Canada and we went to the bottom of Alaska I saw a huge sign made from tree trunks which said "North to Alaska".... just like in the movies.    I couldn't find what I wanted in any of the stores so I came home empty handed.  I did get a free $10 voucher for Tim Horton's donut place so we went in there and I came away with a dozen banana pecan muffins which I've frozen and will cut into quarters and just have a small piece of those when the munchies get hold of me.   But it was nice to get out of our town for a while, see more people, ooh and argh!!! over the pretty things I could not afford, and get home again to put my old feet up.   I'm just not used to shopping anymore...  :-)  I felt just like this cute little dude in the photo when I got home.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beautiful sunshine this morning ... went for a nice bike ride over to the video store to hire "Avatar" ....  Whilst we were getting our bikes out of the shed we saw a whole gorgeous bunch of sandhill cranes in the field ... so close.  I didn't take this photograph and not sure who did but that's them.  They reminded me of flamingos...  I couldn't believe they were so close to us and they sure do make a loud noise flying over. 

Our ride went nicely .. now we have snow.  Can't believe that either.  I had to move my swing in closer to the house on the deck because the wind picked up and was quite strong.  A storm brewing I guess.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I had fun today with a new plug in making my seamless tiles into "rolls".  They are part of the "Sentimentals" collection and so pretty to work with. 

You can click on the image to see them up closer ..... These were so much fun to make with all sorts of lace, flowers and anything else I could think of .... effects and bejewelled embellishments. 

In between watching cartoons with little grandson and taking him for a walk in the field to see the ducks and the birds ... plus sitting on the swing on the deck looking at the very pretty woodpeckers coming to get the seeds and bread he left out.  Busy day, will sleep well tonight.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I enjoyed making these "Enchantments" for my website over the past few nights.  They are so pretty.... vintage in gold rimmmed "trinkets or rounds" so you can design with them ....

You can click on the image to see it a larger size.  They are super inexpensive too ...  and included in the Mega Bundle at as well as being zipped ready for downloading.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I have my grand dog here for the weekend.  *(s)... I love him so much. He's big and beautiful and such a gentleman.  I'm glad he's here because we have had cats from around the neighbourhood coming and actually sitting in our birdfeeders ...  so one look at Chewie this morning and they scattered as fast as they could.  He ran down the yard from the deck when he saw them... they jumped down and ran away ... were never in any danger of course ... but he sure did get rid of them for me.   The little birds at least now will have a "cat free" weekend whilst he's here.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I had a busy day today talking to people.   *(s).....   Usually we just get on our bikes and go over to the library or the post office and home again pretty quick smart but this morning we spoke to the man who lives down the road a bit ... he was talking to a nice lady who owns a beautiful big white dog.  Then there was the guy next door who gave me his bird feeder to add to my stash.  Over at the supermarket we had a chat with the guy who manages the fruit and veggie section...and at the library I asked if there was another online book I'd ordered ....   then we ran into our kids and grandson in the carpark at the market so we chatted with them.  They also came over later to use our printer and grandson had a cupcake whilst he was here. Went to the credit union and the lady was talking to me about the weather... then a man outside the shop where we get our bread pulled up to the kerb in a shiny blue truck.  I said to him as he was walking in the door what a nice clean truck he had and he told me it was brand spanking new.  Only been in town a couple of days and that his son owned the car yard he got it from .. one of the biggest in Canada.  Then I checked in next door to see if the baby bunnies had survived the cold night.... which they had.... kids and neighbours in the yard enjoying the sunshine......    So all in all it was an eventful day.  I don't think I've spoken to so many people before in one day.... 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One of my "Posh Pretties" desktop wallpapers for you ....
its 1250 x 800 ... just right for your computer screen.   Click on the image to see it full size and save it from there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celebrity gossip.... Tiger Woods wife has gone off on a vacation all alone... can anyone blame her.  But like Jim Carey said the other day surely how could she not know of so much cheating in her marriage. His latest cheating affair was with his neighbours daughter. She's 22 now but gosh doesn't this guy ever take a break.  Then there's Sandra Bullock and her monster of a husband. How could a pretty, assumingly clever and talented and knowledgeable girl even hook up with a character like him in the first place.   He is the complete opposite of someone we'd expect her to marry.   ~~~~  Marilyn Monroe... her friend Debbie Reynolds just announced that she was murdered way back when .. because she knew too much.  About the  President of the United States JFK.  How sad.  She was very religious according to Debbie.  And Oprah seems to have kicked Stedmen to the curb in favour of the girlfriend Gayle whom she gave a million dollars to years ago.  I guess she's given her many more millions by now.  

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What dreadful news this morning... the Polish president and wife and many other heads of state etc were all killed in a plane crash.  The plane that crashed, killing Polish President Lech Kaczynski and some of the country's highest military and civilian leaders, ignored Russian air traffic control's instructions, officials say. 
My condolences to all of Poland.   

And they also found the miners missing ....  dead .... in West Virginia.  they missed them on their initial search and discovery of bodies.  They were there at the time so sadness for the families to have to endure another week of waiting only to have the same outcome.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Seems hope is fading of finding any miners alive in West Virginia. Rescuers had to once again turn back because of the dangerous conditions.  So sad.     A cheery little visitor for us last night ... my sweet young deer arrived again which is really strange because they should be way up in the mountains by now. The snow will have lessened up there (well a bit at least)... but we did have a slight snow fall in the afternoon so maybe she is confused and still thinks its winter or maybe its just the thought of the yummy cracked corn I take to her when I see her....  she's a stunning little girl deer ..... just gorgeous... and she lets me get quite close to her.   I've also been bike riding yesterday... I can zoom around like a teenager ... well not quite when it comes to getting down off footpaths. I still have to stop my bike and get down onto the road rather than just fly over it like you see the kids doing.  But I sure can get around pretty fast.  I wish it was making me skinnier but so far nothing seems to have changed.  I'll just have to keep pedalling .....  lol..........

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Did you notice I changed the name of my blog to Jana's Journal instead of A Whimsydust Affair. It seems some of you are confusing the website with the blog.  It was always called Jana's Journal in its address  so I might as well be using that name ..... hopefully that will help you know where you are .. *(s)....

And I'm never quite sure if my blog should just be a spot where I share the goodies I make for you all.... much like most blogs seem to be these days ..... or whether I should continue on as a gossipy sort of place like Twitter only where it allows me more space to talk about my days here in the woods or what I think of politics, celebrities etc.    I like the gossipy format like I do now ....  but who knows in the future I might alter its format or make up another blog where you can just snag and save ....  I'll keep you posted on that .... Or maybe it's perfect as it is now ... a bit of both.
Gosh this desktop wallpaper sure looks pretty on my big computer screen. I have it there now .. as I always try them out after I've created them ....  It's colours are so rich and gorgeous.  You can click on the image to see it full size (1250 x 800) and save or install it to  your computer from there.  I guess it really should be going onto my Reflectioins of the Past vintage blog but I think people are going to both blogs so you are sure to find them in one place or the other.   And don't forget to go down the blog page or to other pages to find heaps of other pretties I've shared here.  It would be nice to get some comments either on the posts or the shoutbox area so drop me a line or two if you enjoy them.  
Sad news today about the rescuers having to turn back in the mine in West Virginia.  Dangerous gases occurred again and they still haven't been able to get close to the miners (if they are still alive or not).  What a terrible situation. I hope soon they will be able to find out for sure. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I kinda like these slideshow thingies.... I added one to my page here yesterday.  It's a nice way to showcase work or advertise stuff ... anyway I've also added some new DVD bargains on my site ... super value..... super cheap.  So hop over there and check those out .. you never know you might find something you really, really can't live without.  I have so much fun creating the pretties. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Last night I watched a really wonderful Disney movie called "Up".   I wanted to see it from the first time I noticed the preview on the telly and there was a dog in it that could talk. He would turn his head quickly to one side and say "squirrel"..... as if he was ready to chase it.   Grand daughter Hannah loaned it to me yesterday and I adored it.  It's one of those animated ones that are so wonderful, full of colour, funny sayings, laughter, drama and a bit of everything all rolled into one.  Like the Garfield movies....    The story began with a young boy meeting a young girl.  Funny little faces with big glasses, they grew up and married and then grew old together until she died and he was left alone. She had always wanted an adventure ... so he got thinking about it now that he was by himself and  tied his little wobbly house to a whole bunch of balloons and UP it went.  Her photos were inside the house and he wanted to be with her. A little boy scout was on the porch at the time so he unexpectedly went too.  The house floated around and once in a storm it was taken to "Paradise Falls" ............   If  you want some laughter and pure enjoyment grab it from the video store and see it.   I was enthralled by the colours, the designs of the funny little houses, the great furniture and the beautiful big bird that joins them on their travels and of course the dog.   *(s)

You can click on the image to see it full size..and save it from there ...... a new desktop for you ... 1250 x 800 so it looks great on the big screen computers.  It's from my new Ritzy Things two Collection at
Two Canadian men, each given up for adoption at a young age, were separately searching for their biological families when they learned that all they had to do was walk across the street.
The two men discovered that they were brothers -- and neighbors -- the Canadian Press reported.
The surprise came when one of the men, Tommy Larkin, was speaking with someone from the adoption agency about the identity of his brother.
"She gave me his name and asked me four or five times if I knew him," Larkin told a local newspaper. "I said I didn't and she kept asking me if I was sure I haven't met him."
Then she gave him his newfound brother's address.
"I am looking at the house right now," he said.
Larkin, 30, and Stephen Goosney, 29, were born a year and half apart and had been living across the street from each other for seven months before the adoption agency connected the two, the Canadian Press reported.
"It was all pretty overwhelming," Goosney said. "It's been good. We have been seeing each other pretty much every day, just hanging out and trying to catch up."
They both said they started looking for their family because they wanted to know more about their medial history. They still are looking to find the rest of their family, but they don't have much to go on.
"It feels different, having someone I can call a brother," Goosney said. "It is the bloodline. We both have families, but this as close as it gets."

Monday, April 5, 2010

Certainly a miracle in China today as they rescued over one hundred trapped miners. Gosh I hate hearing about mining accidents ... seems the mine authorities knew of leaks happening 10 days before the collapse and the mine being filled with water. So many happy families now in China with their loved ones being rescued alive.

And now the mine disaster in West Virginia. How sad is this....
24 dead so far and 4 missing. It's a very dangerous job. Keep the families in your prayers.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Roast beef is in the oven, chocolates have been hidden, dessert is made and all is "afoot" for our Easter Sunday evening meal.  Went for a lovely bike ride this morning, bit chilly but invigorating.....  had to use up some of those calories I ate having a chocolate egg.  I wish I could lose weight by being at my computer.  All the hours I spend sitting here with fingers flying across the keyboard and in paintshop pro I sure would be skinny if those hours counted in calorie reduction.   I just spent a couple of hours fiddling with my blog and my website to make them match ... I think they look pretty in pink for Spring and Summer.   I'm certainly into pink.... maybe its because my mum never bought me anything pink to wear as a little girl. Maybe she didn't like it herself so I went without.  I really love all the pretty girly things in the stores.

You can download the transparent tube of this one ...  if you click on my 4shared account here......
it's called whimsydust-candlelight.

you can also click on the image to see it full size.....

It's been very chilly these last few days. Easter Sunday today and we have the grand children coming down so grandpa is busy hiding easter eggs.  He loves doing it and the stash seems to be getting more each year.
I hope you all have had or will have a joyous and happy Easter.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Click on the images to see them full size and save them from there....
Surprise yesterday when our little deer came back .... there was no snow on the ground and she looked so different against the woody background.  She was outside the fence in the field then came through our gate into the yard to get the bird seed which had fallen from the feeder.

I took her out some cracked corn and she spent a good time gobbling it all up.  They have  usually gone up higher into the woods by now ... so it was lovely to see her ... I sure do hope she stays safe over the summer and hunting season.

Later in the afternoon her mum and sibling turned up as well ........   so beautiful.

Friday, April 2, 2010

We have heaps of chocolates for the grandchildren to find when they come for supper on Easter Sunday and some baskets for them to put their stash into.  I'm very envious of all the yummy things they get ... having diabetes prohibits me from even having a small treat's so difficult especially at holiday times when there's yummy pecan pies about or chocolate cake etc.   I'll take some photos and post them on my blog as I always do ...  so stay tuned and come back often for pretties I post from my website.  Also don't forget to click on the little link to feed the animals and provide shelter for them.   I love them all so much ...........  at least I can help them by doing that each day quite a few times ..........  please also do it .... it costs nothing.

Click on the image to see it full size if you wish to add the card to your stash ........... 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't forget to click onto my Vintage blog link just under the blog header .... there's always lots of pretty and snaggable goodies there for you .... check it out often because I'm always adding things to it.

Grands came for supper tonight with their mum and my grand dog Chewie.  It was a bit like a circus with kids and a dog running around but a good time was had by all.  Ice cream with bowls of jellybeans, jelly, whipped cream, chocolate stix cookies, all made for a good mixture of yummy dessert the kids loved.  They piled on the things they wanted... we even had some "twinkies" that Archie Bunker made famous in his show All in the Family which I love. We didn't have it in Australia so I've enjoyed all those episodes ... he always made me laugh and Edith always would put a twinkie in his lunch box.   I'd never tasted one so just a sliver of one was a treat for me.     Grand dog enjoyed his own meal and lots of cuddles from his old grandma.

Happy Easter to you all.....
It's our wedding anniversary today... April 1st.  I have tried to fool my dear Brian this morning but he's clued in and I can never trick him on April Fools Day.   I should have woken up and told him a UFO had landed in our town... that would have gotten his attention as he's really into all that stuff.  Oh well....  I'll keep trying because I have an hour left to trick him.