Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A desktop wallpaper for you....  Click on the image to see it full size and save it from there....

It's nice and big for the larger screens...  and its from my Whimsydust site collections.

I love making the little bears....  and I really should make some more. They are fun to do with all sorts of expressions and settings.
Gosh I heard on the news today that Iowa wanted to obliterate Happy Easter from their celebrations... and say Happy Spring instead.  Then there's the poor man who's son died in Iraq and protesters heckled him and his family at the son's funeral. Now he has to pay their legal fees. What the !!!!!!!!!!!   Has the legal system in the USA gone completely mad.   And now Obama has done a complete turn around and agreed to oil drilling off the east coast and  southern coast after he said no in  his election speeches... saying John McCain and George's Bush's recommendations were not going to happen on his watch. 

And more suicide bomber attacks in Russia. Terrible things they are ....  floods in areas of the USA. 

A weird thing for us yesterday here in our little country town in British Columbia is that our main drug store is closing.  I went there nearly every day.. it has nice gifts and food items and all sorts of great stuff. They are however putting most things for sale at 50% off so that's a good deal.  We got some Easter treats for the grands and some food items and today we're going back to see what else they might have on sale.  Sad for the town .... I'm hoping a new pharmacy will take its place or a better store but who knows in these economic times.   It might stay vacant like so many other stores around here.......

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On our news for most of the years I've been here I continually see little girls and boys being abducted, and inevitably murdered in the United States.  It seems to be getting way worse.  It's no longer safe for them to walk home from school no matter how short a distance the school might be.  One little girl was walking with friends, had a bit of a tiff with the group and lagged behind.  A child molester (and predator) lured her into his home which she passed every single day ....  she was found murdered by him later. 

Others are being taken from malls, or even their bedrooms.  I heard a statistic which horrified me. In one city alone ... not even a big city... there were 38,000 registered pedophiles and 4,000 of them in a 5 square mile area. What hope have these little ones got.    Daily shows like Nancy Grace spotlight the tragedies and inform us of what's happening but is anyone doing anything at all to stop this stuff going on so much.   Warning signs have been ignored by authorities, parents are not looking after their children enough ... I don't know the answer to it all.... one thing I do know is that we certainly don't need to sell stuff like Viagra. It puts even more kids in danger from the sexed crazed maniacs.  And there seems to be an increase too in teenagers and older girls being murdered.... every single day someone else dies ............ awful.
You can click on the image to see it full size and save it
from there to add to your stash of pretties from me ...  *(s)

Monday, March 29, 2010

I felt sad .. and have done for a long time... about the beautiful white dog two doors down from us.  He seems to be so lonely out on the back deck day and night .. all throughout the long winter months tied up and looking miserable and alone.  Well today I put on my boots, my coat and my gloves and went knocking on the door to ask if I could possibly take him for a walk.  They agreed and off we went. He is much like a husky .. with fur so thick and wonderful.  Up and over the hills, around the road throughout the town, even in some snow that had decided to greet us as we were returning.  He had a wonderful time.  I had a pocketful of treats for him and we stopped many times for cuddles and a smooch or two....  He was a pure gentleman walking at my pace and enjoying his chance to pee on everything that was standing still.    We had a great time....  It was about 4 miles so we'll both sleep good tonight and I won't feel so sad for him .... I'm glad I could brighten his day ...... he sure brightened mine.  Thank you Dozer...  *(s)  we had fun together. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter soon.  We have baby bunnies next door ... a whole bunch of them... sweet little caramel coloured ones ..........  I always think Easter comes around so quickly after  Christmas in December, then my birthday in January, then Valentine's day in February... and after March will be our 11th wedding anniversary.  I simply can't keep up anymore with the years.  

I see stuff on the news and they tell me it was four years ago since it happened .... or more years than that and it seems so much shorter.   Where do our lives go to so quickly.

I'm hoping the Easter bunny brings me a tiny little chocolate treat .... I love chocolate ......  life just isn't the same when the joys of eating the yummy stuff has gone. 

You can download the pretty girl pink
 template in paintshop pro format
at 4 shared ... here....

It's much larger in original size .. (click on it to see it original size.... ) you could use it for stationery, desktops, all sorts of ways.  It's not for commerical use however... personal only.

We have a windy day here today in the woods... I think all  the bears would be out of hibernation now looking for food, the snow is melting, and the birds are scarce since now is the time for them to eat real bird food like bugs etc.  I nearly got blown off my bicycle yesterday it was so windy too.   I'm not a fan of the windy days....  or nights....  I can always hear the trees blowing and things in our shed and the neighbours property getting engulfed in gusts.   It's nice when it all calms down and I can sit out on the deck and just watch the grass grow.  *(s)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

They don't care. I think most of them are so wealthy they don't even know or remember what its like not to have money.  This little image should read "have a nice vacation" ....

 As Congress enjoys a two-week vacation, thousands of Americans will begin to lose jobless benefits because lawmakers failed to resolve a dispute over how to pay for an extension of unemployment insurance.
A current extension of jobless benefits for Americans who have been out of work for more than six months expires April 5. But lawmakers, who left town on Friday, won't be back on Capitol Hill until April 12.
What's more, a 65 percent subsidy for health insurance benefits for the unemployed under the COBRA program expires Wednesday.  How are people managing .... I just do not know.

Friday, March 26, 2010

What a rotten thing for Sandra Bullock to be going through with her husband. It's Tiger Woods all over again. She won the Oscar and now all her happiness and lifetimes achievement is overshadowed by the infidelity of her cheating husband.  Not just one mistress but many ....
Somebody gave me a beautiful hat many years ago. I was making some more pretty goodies for my website this morning and decided to put the hat on and see if I could take some decent photos and use the hat in my creations. It was so funny. I had to take the photos in the bathroom because we have one of those "stage lighting" affairs above the big mirror .. looks like a dressing room .... plenty of light so here is what I ended up with. I got the giggles because the hat was so big and gorgeous .... and it was no easy task to take it so you could see the details ....

You can click to see the photos so much larger ... I cropped the hat and can now add it to some of the vintage/victorian hatless ladies I have in my stash of images.....

No wonder these vintage ladies looked so sweet and pretty in these stunning creations.... this one is so big when you put your head down your whole face disappears.... its huge and very, very spectacular  ....

I think I'm ready now for a date with Sherlock Holmes..   *(s)
Our little Connor visited last night and wanted to watch his favourite cartoon character "Diego"....  (friend of Dora the Explorer).   It wasn't on of course so I had to tell him that Diego had gone to bed because it was dark outside.  He was satisfied with that.  So funny!  It's quite a guessing game to figure out what he is saying but each day his speech gets clearer and I'm sure it won't be too much longer before he's waffling on all day ...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Please don't forget to visit the link halfway down my blog on the right hand side .. and click on it to give food and shelter to the animals.  They all need us and it doesn't cost us anything.  A few clicks a day will feed the little darlings and help them so much.

The little squirrel in amongst these puppies was lost without its mother and now has adopted the family as its own.  Amazing ... and just gorgeous ...
The birds are thinning out now .. not quite so many coming to our feeders each day.  The snow is melting, the field has lots of grassy areas appearing and the water is building up into a pond .... it has now completely covered the little track the deer had made down into the shrubbery and trees so they now have to go around the edge and come to our yard another way.  I guess it won't be too long before they are gone until next winter.

I was surprised to see four of them last night in the yard getting the last bits of cabbages and fruit we had put out for them ....  I think from now on if I see any they will get the cracked corn.  I miss their beautiful little faces over the summer months..... but its nice to see some grass growing and hopefully it won't be too much longer before the trees are green and my lilacs will be out.  They put up quite a fight to survive through the icey months ... and they are very pretty when they appear... and my forget-me-nots won't be too far away either.    Soon my little front garden will be pretty colours again. And we can unwrap our roof top tipping trees we have out front that the deer ravaged through the winter.   Little darlings just walked up the huge pile of snow and ice to eat our pretty green trees...  I couldn't be angry at them .............

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You can click on the image to see it full, original size (click on your magnifying glass when it comes up.. to see it properly) ......and you can download it from my 4shared account if you would like the tube. 

It's very pretty,... you could use it for many creations.

It's not for commercial use... only personal.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our little Connor is beginning to put words together and knows what he wants to say... although most times its not all that clear.  However yesterday when I spoke to him at the mall .. we got "talking" about the deer that came to our yard for breakfast. He was enthralled.  I asked him where his sister was and he said .. as he usually does "cool"....... meaning she's at school.  I then said to him you'll soon be going to school too ... how old are you?  Out of his cute little mouth came "I'm eight".   It was so clear.  Of course he's only 2 .. but he thinks he's 8 for some reason.  His dad said he tells everyone he's 8.. so I'm not sure where he got that number from.  So funny !!!!  I'm constantly amazed at what he does at such an early age.  They sure do grow up quickly....  :-)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A pretty seamlessly tiled background from my "Posh Pretties" collection.  You can click on the image and see it full size and save it from there.

They are great to use as wallpaper backgrounds, or stationery beginnings, or for any purpose you like. This one is very elegant, soft and with a gentle colour scheme ....  there's about 77 in the Collection.  Lots of uses for them...... 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

These blokes need to get their act together. Tiger Woods .. what a creep treating his family like he did. And now it's John Edwards. At the time he was a Presidential candidate he was cheating on his wife and making a baby with his mistress. I don't know what his wife Elizabeth is like but she has cancer and to put her through that and what's going on now with him .. must be unbearable for her. The hurt and humilation of the public outbursts by his girlfriend....the sneakiness, the lies, betrayal, awful stuff for anyone to cope with when they are well ... but its horrible now moreso than ever. Then there's Sandra Bullock's husband... while she's making the movie that gave her the Oscar he's sleeping around with someone else. Gosh these guys are so creepy .... I'd put them all out with the trash.
First day of spring today... wow.!!  We had a lovely bike ride yesterday afternoon in the sunshine ... and our deer came for a visit to see what was on the menu.  Cracked corn and apples seemed to make them happy. They are absolutely gorgeous and stand so close to me ... big, black shiny eyes looking at me.  I guess now that Spring has sprung I should concentrate a bit more on trying to lose weight.  My insulin seems to be playing havoc with my old body... darn stuff... but at least its keeping me alive.  I'll try and get in some more walking on my treadmill or outside and extra bike rides as well.  Soon I guess I'll also be mowing the lawn and painting our deck ...... winter sure does wreck paintwork...... all that shovelling and me walking on it with spikes on my boots so I don't slip over.  And the bitter cold for many months .. gosh I'm surprised anything survives. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

My new collection at  "Posh Pretties"...  gorgeous and
grand.  Super Low Price just for today and perhaps tomorrow...  *(s)
There's also a free desktop wallpaper for you to snag.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I had my first bike ride this morning ... for the year... I even had to ride over some puddles covered in ice .. so that's a first for me.  *(s)....
And then had an enjoyable couple of hours out on my deck ... a bit chilly... but very sunny and nice... listening to a Sherlock Holmes mystery on my headphones.  I borrowed a bunch of Cds' from our library and they are so much fun.   It's nice having someone read to me...  

We had deer to in our yard and they were so tame this morning.... lots of birds and its very spring like.   I can't wait. I love sitting on my swing chair, listening to the birds or to Sherlock Holmes...   nothing better... good cup of tea ... and I'm all set....

Please No Spam

Another spam comment today ... why do these silly people bother to write in my comments area ... don't they know all these just get rejected or disabled. They are wasting their time. I've just now had to put something in my side bar to this effect so I hope they all read it before filling in the comment part of my blog with junk...... urgh!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do you know who this lady is....  I watched a film about her life last night... (you can see a clip from it in a link half way down the page I've highlighted above...)

starring Renee Zellweger and it was wonderful.   Beatrix Potter.   She grew up priviliged but had no siblings and loved her pets and the country life. Her artworks and story telling was soft and gentle .... her creations of Peter Rabbit and Jemina Puddle Duck were gorgeous.  Her creative beginnings were quite an effort because her parents seemed to take not a great deal of notice of her talent and wanted her to marry gentry and do not much else but "take tea" and behave.

Her success was solid and she  purchased many country estates and kept them preserved as they were.  When she died she left 4,000 acres to conservation. Sadly the man she loved died before they could marry ...  he was her publisher and she gave him the image below ....  his sister returned it to her upon his death and it now hangs in the Victoria and Albert Museum in England.  It was the bunnies having christmas celebrations roasting chestnuts....  wonderful, gorgeous, and beautiful ....  *(s)

Monday, March 15, 2010

I thought "Spring had sprung".... but not so this morning when we woke up to snow.  It's so pretty and I love it.  But the deer and other wildlife must be wondering what the heck is going on.  The sun is bright today and warming us up so I guess the snow will soon be melted.... that's the newly fallen snow... not the huge piles that are still prevalent at the malls and alongside highways and in our yard.  *(s).....   

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blogspot have finally taken notice of the complaints about not having enough pretty templates etc. and have today I think, come up with something for us all.....   I haven't checked it out yet but it might mean some very nice improvements in the workings and appearance of our blogs....  I hope so anyway.... *(s)

Maybe a nice new look for spring .. 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Beautiful sunny day here in the snow... It's melting very quickly now and we have heaps of bare roads and areas and even some green grass coming through.  *(s).....   Our little deer are still coming and I guess they will for a few more days or perhaps a week then they'll be gone until the cold comes again next winter.  I hope they stay safe from hunters ... and I will keep them in my prayers. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This spring cleaning sure knocks you around...  I think its tougher than having to go to work and put in a full days employment. Moving furniture, boxes, tossing stuff out, re-arranging closets and containers,
dusting, washing floors, vacuuming, and more. Only good thing about it is that you find things you forgot about or could never get to before.  When your house is small its an effort just to find what you are looking for ... then there's all the Christmas and Fall decorations, big snowmen and wrapping paper and on and on it goes.

At least I'll now be able to venture into the spare room and find what I'm after ....  *(s).... and I'm certainly going to keep buying lottery tickets so I can get a house with an attic or basement.  Oh!!! how I would love that.  
Did you notice I'm giving Obama a rest lately...  I've given up talking about him...(well almost...)  He makes me feel how this sweet doggie looks... disgusted and annoyed and really goofy.... urgh!!

Each day I hear more grumbles and groans about his policies, his choice of staff members...  resignations, deceit,
corruption, spending money like there is no tomorrow even though he hasn't got any ... well the country hasn't got any... he's probably got millions seeing he came from a home that had 6 bathrooms.  

There are so many scandals happening lately, backbiting, in house arguments, false statements, payments for favours ... and on and on it goes.   His popularity is plummeting and so is the plight of the beautiful USA.  All he wants to talk about at present is Health Care .. when the country is going down the proverbial gurglar with record unemployment, housing closures, and so much more.  They have to stop spending .... so much "pork barrel" which seems a weird term to me... but yesterday on the news I heard about $75,000 in one place spent on a so called study by giving cocaine to monkeys. How cruel is that.  And who in their right mind would do that to an animal just to study its behaviour when they could go to any town and see thousands of people already "stoned" .. and study them instead.  They would willingly take the cocaine ...

Then there's the Tea Pot Museum fiasco....  I love teapots but nearly a million dollars in taxpayer money ... just so tourists can look at them.  Where are the priorities ... disabled people being denied wheelchair access ...because of under funding ... where are the jobs being created by the so called stimulus...  such a shame .......  boo to Obama.  Stop going on the telly every other day ... even the Supreme Court judges are up in arms calling his State of the Union address nothing more than a pep rally... as all his speeches seem to be. He sure does love being on the telly ...........................

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My grand dog came for a short visit today before he was due to go to the vet's surgery.  He's such a darling...  He's so big and so gentle.  We got to the surgery and things went a bit haywire. He wouldn't let the doctor feel around his legs or feet ... he had to have a muzzle put on ... grandma was there... (me) ... handing out little treats of bacon and beef I'd got from our fridge.  He was absolutely terrified.   He's been having trouble with his front leg .... maybe arthritis although he's only 7. 

 Anyway we got home safely again in his mum's truck and old grandma got the first full size pill into him by wrapping it in some bacon I'd cooked this morning.  The rest of his pills have to be halved so he's coming down for a short stay with grandma so she can spoil him because the doctor said the pills might upset his stomach ....  oh well... isn't that what grandmas' are for....  *(s)....   We'll snuggle on the bed and eat muffins and watch Sherlock Holmes.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A desktop wallpaper from my upcoming Collection I'm calling Petticoats Posh .. *(s) ...
You can click on the image and see it full size and save it from there...
lots of florals and my mum ...
hope you like it. It looks quite lovely on the larger computer screens.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Two years ago on the 8th .. my little boy Wilbur died in my arms in the back of our truck.. on his way to the vets.  He'd been suffering all night long and I was praying to God to come take him soon to ease his pain.  I cannot believe its already 2 years since I haven't seen him.

I talk to him in our yard every day and his little grave is at the bottom of our deck....  and tomorrow I'll sit on the steps and I'll put some flowers on the earth and tell him about the deers and the birds.

I don't know if there is a heaven or not. I believe that there must be a place where we all go when it's our time but my faith is tested on many occasions .... I certainly would not want to go there if our beloved pets cannot join us.  Being a Catholic we were taught that animals don't have souls and don't go to heaven.....  well phooey to that!!!!   I'm sure God wouldn't be so unkind as to not let them in.  Rest in Peace my darling boy ... I miss you every single day...... the little furry kitty kat was buried with him.  He loved to toss it around and I'm sure in this photo of him he's smiling at his silly mum for putting it on his head.  *(s)

A WhimsyDust Topper for you today... you can use
them in your blogs as the main top image or perhaps make it into a card or stationery.  They are all on my website so this is a freebie for everyone.... 

Click on the image to see it full size ... I hope you enjoy it.....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I purchased a lottery ticket yesterday at the mall... 19 million dollars first prize.  Well today my Brian came back from 711 store and said the lady there won it. She left her job immediately and headed down south to pick up the prize of $9.5 million ... so I guess she shared her ticket with someone else.  WOW!!   That is about as close as I'll get I think to winning it.  Our town is very small ... and usually the prizes are won by people back east in Montreal or larger areas.  Holey moley .... good for her.  I can't believe it.  It's nice to see someone win it who isn't wealthy already.
Our little deer came yesterday.. Just a mom and her twins from last year.  I was actually surprised to see them because the weather has been so mild and the snow is melting so quickly. There are lots of grassy areas beneath trees and I guess buds will be forming soon.  They do love the fruit we put out for them so I guess the big pile of blueberries was too much for them to resist.  I miss their sweet faces over the summer months and eagerly look forward to November again when they turn up again ready to get the goodies.  I would like to be able to follow them one day on their walks and see where they go and what they do.  I bet they get lots of yummy stuff  from other people in town as we are always talking to people buying seeds and food ... the birds too will soon be disappearing so they can get their natural food again ........
Wanna go to the Copenhagen zoo.  Here is the bus.  I love it but I don't think I'd be brave enough to get on it.   Click to see it larger and magnificent.
It's wonderful...  *(s)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Annoying and quite unbelievable news today about the Taliban. A former Gitmo prisoner was released back to Afghanistan ... now he's a commander in the Taliban.   How ridiculous is that!!!  Why are soldiers dying fighting these guys, and capturing the baddies, only to have them released back into their country and have them fight them all over again.  Why are the soldiers dying in this war .... when the USA doesn't seem to do anything to those terrorists because they are too worried about "their rights".  The fiasco about the 9.11 terrorists being trialled in New York is one example of bad judgement... in the same light as what I heard today.  They do not deserve to be tried as anything other than war criminals and therefore a military trial is what they should get. 

Why do these bad guys get American rights and get access to legal representatives.  I would be so distressed had my son or daughter died in the war ...  only to have the bad guys released again to kill more soldiers.  I don't understand it at all.  The other day I heard that the soldiers are not allowed to fire on the bad guys if they put their guns down. The bad guys can shoot to kill them .. walk out of a building for example and put their guns down knowing they will not be killed by the people they were trying to kill.  The bad guys now know the American rules of engagement and any questionning techniques they do ....  they are learning how to overcome these obstacles and continue on with the killing spree............

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It feels like spring has sprung .. but of course not yet.. we still have huge piles of snow and ice around.

I downloaded a program today onto the computer and it stuffed up my zip files throughout the harddrive .. so it got me to thinking why don't we ever get a "how to" book when we buy these expensive things.  You can buy a $20 toaster and get instructions with it... so why does nothing ever come with a new computer.

What about those who purchase one and its their first computer. One would think we'd get at least a help guide on what you need to do to open an email account, or create folders or just the basic stuff to get you going.  Some good explanations of what lies ahead for us ...  information about virus programs being a necessity..... or what about surfing the net.  Nobody knows all these easy tasks straight away ... we all have to begin somewhere and what about elderly people who don't have younger ones to assist them.  With all the money these computer people make ... a simple guide book with instructions for basic stuff should be a necessity. Even if they charged us a few dollars extra it certainly would be helpful.  Argh!!!!!  I might write to Microsoft about it.  I can't understand why nothing is ever included in our computer purchase.

I can remember only too well being a newbie to computers way back in the middle nineties ... and not knowing how to make a folder let alone where to put it and remember where it was.  So much to know... with no help from the big wigs who make these goodies we all use on a daily basis.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Two weeks of games over with...  didn't like the closing ceremony at all. A real let down compared to the beautiful opening ceremony. Oh well.. as they said ... it was geared to the young competitors .. like a huge party and I'm sure they celebrated. And Canada was poking fun at itself .. the old cliches I guess.    The Canadian hockey guys one a nail biting finish.  Wow... was that every exciting.  Now its back to normal and back to doing housework and whatever else the sunnier days allows me to do ... it's like spring around here today. Gorgeous !!!!

Oh!!! I did have some time to create some gorgeous pretties for my website called "Sentimentals".   They are stunning with their richness and colours.  Take a peak if you like... they are priced pretty low and you could use them for so many wonderful things. Click on the image here to see it larger .... and theres a free desktop wallpaper on the website page if you go there ...