Sunday, May 31, 2009


I watched Mitt Romney this morning on an interview show. He sure does look Presidential. He's very clever, very gorgeous, very up-with-the-times, and knows what is going on.... he only has to sit there and he looks like a President of the United States. He does not need the obligatory Obama tele prompter - which by the way - has its own blog!!!!!!!!! He knows what he's saying, says it well and wonderful..... doesn't need to read it ...... I hope he runs again next time and wins. He's a self made millionaire, so he knows business .... and he sure would look good going around the world representing the United States.

I hate spam

Today I put back the spam blocker on my emails ... they are driving me insane with all the
viagra and penis emails. Enlarge my penis, and a thousand more headings to grab the attention of those who think they need this crap ... and unassociated headings to grab the attention of all of us other people who think it might be from an old friend or something else. But no...... it's all for penis enlargement and if I get another one of them I'll scream.
Surely there must be other things they can spam us with ... why is it always about the size of your private parts. The spam creators must think its only men who are reading these emails ... or who get emails to begin with. Why don't they spam us girls with chocolates, or flowers, or shoes and handbags..... there must be a zillion things we would buy ...... other than penis enlargement pills. Urgh!!!!!!! I wish there was a reply button on these emails and I could send them back. All I can do is block some of their addresses and hope it calms down a bit. Hopefully the spam blocker will do its job and not ... alas... block anything that I don't want blocked... which inevitably happens. Oh well... if anyone wants me bad enough they will try my other email addresses or maybe even phone me. :-)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Susan Boyle

Susan didn't win Britain's Got Talent... don't understand why .... the winners were kids but what are they going to do now. I don't think people would go to a show with just them performing.. it was all very "in your face" for the three minutes or so and nothing else. I wasn't a fan ....... poor old Susan... she should have won. But I guess she'll do alright with a recording contract .. People know what she can do now ..... and I'd buy her music. I think she wanted to win for her dear departed mum who kept her from doing a lot of things in her life whilst she cared for her at home in the house she still is in, with her cat Tiddles. Mum died a couple of years ago now I think and before she passed away she had told Susan to enter .... it would have been nice and made much more sense than having the kids win. Oh well.....

Obama Date Night

Well what the heck... let's spend $100,000 on our date night. Calculated by experts .. they have figured out that one night out for the Obama's ... this one anyway ... (they have been on several) has a price tag of over $100,000. A night in New York to see a show. Security, marine one helicopter, and secret service and everything else that it costs for the pair of them to go out on the town is astounding.
Don't they have date nights every night of the week.... with neither of them having to cook dinner, or staying home to babysit the girls .... doesn't Michelle go everywhere with him on overseas trips.. and other places. I think all that would count as date nights and days. I don't know what the USA people think about the exhorbitant cost ... reckless spending ... for one night out ..... when so many of them can't even make it to their town's cheapest diner. Homes lost, jobs lost, everything else they now have to deal with... savings gone ... it's horrible. Yet it must be great for Mr and Mrs Obama. Taxpayers paying for their fun. Makes me so annoyed ... heavens knows what I'd do if I was an American taxpayer.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Country Music

I watched a tribute last night to George Strait. It was wonderful. Country music stars for 2 hours straight with no speeches or slow goings ... it was really a good show... from the Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. I'd watch it again if it comes back again... as it most likely will do in the future. Alan Jackson .. (gotta luv him) .. :-) Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Leanne Rimes, Brooks and Dunn, Keith Urban... and so many more. At the end Garth Brooks handed over the statue .. it was for artist of the decade and he was the one for 1990's. I turned up the sound and watched it in high definition. Did you hear it... :-)) Great stuff.. and George definitely deserved to be honoured .. he's so handsome as well...
I have also added some of his songs to my playlist at the bottom of my page here .. so click on them if you wish to hear them as you read.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birds of a Feather

I've had some beautiful new birds visit my yard yesterday and today. And with our new supply of birdseed and squirrel seed .. (sunflower seeds of course ) --- they are so funny and cute and I cannot let them go without.
I got a great big fat book on British Columbia birds from our libary yesterday when I also got some new mysteries. The book is a great resource of pretty photographs and interesting information. Nothing better than watching the birds.


If you wish to save the desktop wallpaper click on the image and see it full size and install or save it from there. Hope you like it.
It's a pretty, soft and elegant image ... just right for spring and summer and to make you feel good when you turn on your computer. I love wallpapers for my screen... and change them on a regular basis.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I still put one on when I'm cooking. I can't stand getting fat or butter or anything else on my sweater .... it often cannot be removed ... I love aprons... interesting words below .... I can remember when I was a little girl I had a few aprons ... tied at the back with a big floppy bow. My uncle would come visit and he took great joy in pulling the bow undone as I walked by. I love him lots .. he's back in Australia and still going strong. Hello to you dear Uncle Henry.
The principal use of Grandma's apron was to protect the dress underneath, because she only had a few, and it was easier to wash aprons than dresses and they used less material. Along with that, it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven. It was wonderful for drying children's tears, and on occasion was even used for cleaning out dirty ears.
From the chicken coop, the apron was used for carrying eggs, fussy chicks, and sometimes half-hatched eggs to be finished in the warming oven. When company came, those aprons were ideal hiding places for shy kids. And when the weather was cold, grandma wrapped it around her arms. Those big old aprons wiped many a perspiring brow, bent over the hot wood stove. Chips and kindling wood were brought into the kitchen in that apron. From the garden, it carried all sorts of vegetables. After the peas had been shelled, it carried out the hulls. In the autumn, the apron was used to bring in apples that had fallen from the trees. When unexpected company drove up the road, it was surprising how much furniture that old apron could dust in a matter of seconds. It will be a long time before anyone invents something that will replace that "old time apron" that served so many purposes.
My mum (and me) would collect the apples and pears from our trees using our aprons to carry them back into the house, I'd take the pea shells out to the chickens in my apron ... and I certainly would gather up the kindling in my apron to take inside to light the fire .... so many more uses I'll probably remember soon.... gosh I was about 10 years old then...... :-))

Good Luck Susan

Susan Boyle did her thing again this week on "Britains Got Talent"... she did very well ... of course she did... we all know she's a great singer. Well done my dear. Next week I think is the finals ... so good luck to you Miss Boyle. :-)) I think the whole world will be watching you and keeping their fingers crossed for you to win.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Keep it Fresh

Argh!!!!!!!!! diabetes blood glucose readings are normal and that's wonderful news for me after trying for such a long time ... being good and only eating all the right things.... now at last I can see some results. Keeping my fingers crossed that the lower numbers will help with my pains and aches particularly in my legs and feet. It's a rotten disease.... and so many people are new to it every single month. It's an epidemic across the USA ... and I guess in Canada too ....and probably other countries.... but gosh if you take your time whilst shopping and read those food labels its no wonder there are so many people with it. Everything is loaded with the dreaded sugar. And lots of it is in stuff you would not even think would have it ... like tins of peas, and ketchup. I'm saddened when I hear of so many little young kids getting it. At least I have enjoyed my chocolates and other things for 56 or so years ... they are barely getting started and already have to watch everything they eat and drink. Manufacturers need to stop adding so much of it. Who needs it in their yogurts, and in cereals. Let people add their own if they want to. It's very difficult to buy stuff without it.... annoying to say the least.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank you isn't enough ....

My gosh it was moving, and so sad. I sat and watched and cried. I was so upset to see the wounded warriors. Battling to stay alive, their families not having enough money for all sorts of things they needed. One brave man in particular ... José Pequeño ... had half his brain blown away when an enemy combatant threw a grenade into his humvee ...... parts of it exploded under his helmet. He was still alive when found and he was tonight sitting in the front row of the concert with his mother and sister on each side of him. He was wounded horribly, and his devoted family had taken care of him for the past 3 years. He was unable to do anything now for himself.... there had been times when they had not even enough money for food.
The suffering these guys go through is horrendous. Their lives back home should be so much easier than they are at present. They seem to have to fight for every single cent they can get .... WHY does the government spend billions of dollars on ear marks ... on stuff that is so unnecessary... who really cares about billions of dollars bailouts for car manufacturers.... when their returning wounded veterans need help. I don't know how much if any, they get from the government but it isn't enough by all accounts. The poor darlings ... I couldn't help but be appalled and amazed at what they now had to go through ... emotionally, physically and financially. 5,000 of them have been killed in the latest war... 34,000 of them have been wounded. Arms, legs, torso's, faces .. blown away ... I wish I could do something for them. I wish I could help their families. I wish I could ease their suffering and worries. We can't do much at all for them ... but the government sure could give them more money.

Thank You

It's Memorial Day in the USA. I still don't understand how people say Happy Memorial Day. How can it ever be happy when they are remembering the fallen war heroes. I guess maybe those who remain at home and have lost their loved ones ... they are trying to perhaps get on with their lives as best they can ... and to remember with gratitude the sacrifices.... and loss... It must be terribly difficult. A statistic I heard on the news whilst watching a program on military ... it said that 1800 veterans of World War Two die every single day in the United States... that's incredible.
Atlantis is back .... :-) beautiful Atlantis arrived safely after a few delays ... in California this morning. The guys on board repaired the Hubble telescope in space and gave it 5 - 10 more years of life with increased capabilities. It was a tricky mission but thankfully it went well and all are safe now back home. Now Atlantis needs a piggy back ride back to Florida... at an extra 1.8 million dollars .... Welcome Home Astronauts... luv you all...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

They should be in the circus :-)

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A beautiful day in the backyard. This afternoon I had two squirrels helping themselves to the bird feeders and it was quite a spectacle. Climbing, jumping, swinging, making weird noises, running, and all sorts of upside down, sideways and flat out positions all over the feeder roofs and on the branches of the tree. They didn't seem to mind that I was right up close. And a new little pink bird turned up. Quite stunning and beautiful.

Beauties by the Score

This gorgeous little bird was in my feeder this morning. He or she ... was so pretty in the morning sunlight. Chirping away ... I hope its there when I'm dressed and out weeding my garden ........ it's always a treat to see so many pretty feathered little ones out there doing their thing.

Friday, May 22, 2009

From Ear to Ear

I went to the yard sale for a short while.... there was lots there ... and as I was walking out there was a little girl about 6 years old I guess going through a cardboard box full of little plastic bags which contained jewellery. There were necklaces, brooches, loose beads, all sort of things. I asked her was she finding any good stuff. ;-) She looked up at me and said she was looking for EAR WINGS. I said oh there must be some of those in there I'm sure. She then said they had to be clip on EAR WINGS ..... I said were they for your mum ... she said "no for me". I did laugh... as I walked away I said to her gosh I hope you find some pretty EAR WINGS ... So funny. She was having fun.

Bring the Truck

There's a huge yard sale this weekend in our little country town up here in the woods of British Columbia. :-) I love mooching around to see what I can find. They keep bringing out more boxes of goodies and putting them on the tables whilst you are there browsing .... and it goes for about 4 days. It's beginning to rain slightly but it always seems to do that on the sale days .. has done for the past few years since I've been going. That's where I got my second hand bike for $20 ... and some lovely crystal glasses new in their box for $4. The stores donate most of the goodies. They have everything including the kitchen sink. :-)) There's always lots of household things ... building materials, fabrics, crockery, craft things, baskets, toys, furniture .. its a gigantic sale and lots of fun. So that's where I'll be for a few hours at least today. :-)) I'd sure love it if I went there and found they had gorgeous little puppies to give away. I'll keep my fingers crossed...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Put the Country First

Well today as I watch the news ... Obama's speech about the bad guys (the Bush administration !!!)... and Cheney's speech about how they kept the country safe.... I felt a bit appalled that no matter who is right or wrong it seems that they only care about themselves. Why can't they both stand up there together, shake hands, and do what is right for the country ... no matter what side they are on.
I guess I'm a Republican... :-) if I was an American I would vote for them. I respect President Bush for doing what had to be done ... enhanced interrogation ... because no matter what is happening now it comes down to the fact that after 9.11 .... everyone was indeed kept out of harm's way from future terrorist attacks. Now Obama thinks he can be nice to the terrorists and they will give up their bad antics and perhaps they can all sit down and have tea and cake together. That is how he comes across to me in his speeches. I'm really tired of hearing what he says.... if he's not backtracking on his mistakes ... he's continually going after the past administration ........ with no acknowledgement ever that they kept the USA safe after that horrible day in history. I think he needs to unplug his mandatory tele prompters and say something grateful to the Republicans for at least keeping his family safe ...........

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things that go Bump in the Night

I seem to be addicted to all things birds lately. I love them all and since my Wilbur has not been around they all have been brave enough to come visit and get the food I leave out for them each day.
Last night .. or early morning it was about 2 a.m. the beautiful big white dog a couple of doors over from our place was barking madly and going crazy. I got up... always worried that nobody takes any notice of something important they might be telling us .... and went outside into the darkness to see if I could see what was making him panic. Outside lights and moonlight etc. were not enough to show me a good view of anything but he kept up his vigil and continued to be distressed at something in the field behind us. I talked to him and tried to calm him down ... because he's not all that far away from my yard ... but he took no notice... too intent on getting rid of whatever was there in the darkness. I began to think maybe its a bear ... maybe a wolf.. who knows... but it sure wasn't anything small like a cat because he sees them all the time. He's a good boy and I'm glad he was there to protect us from the intruder whatever it was. I got inside and thought what the hell was I doing out there in bear territory in my nightie and house coat ... I wasn't scared ... I think if a bear had seen me he'd have run the other way pretty quick smart. They really aren't the bad guys. I love them too. I just hope whatever it was doesn't return. Maybe it was my darling deer ... I've not seen them for a while.

Out on a Limb

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A cute little new visitor to my yard yesterday... he was so pretty with his splash of red... which also goes down his chest a bit. I looked him up on internet and he's a "common" something.. can't remember now... but he's far from common. When he sits on the branches he stands out like a beautiful little painting in amongst the grey of the tree. I have a new bird feeder today.... son in law brought down their old feeder they had hanging in a pine tree ... their cats were getting to the birds so at least now it will be put to better use and hopefully more chirpy visitors will visit me. :-)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tis Bliss

Well this is the life... :-) And the little doggie looks just like my beautiful Wilbur who I miss so terribly. The cat ... he looks a bit like my sweet Tiger I had to leave back in Australia. She lived a long and happy life there with someone who loved her greatly.

Me on the sofa .. well that's just about how I spend most of my days up here in the woods of British Columbia. Watching the telly... maybe Turner Classic Movie Channel or Fox News. Feet up... pink socks usually and lots of squishy cushions and a cup of tea nearby. After 35 years of going to work every single day .. there is nothing like retirement.

Been seeing some new and different little birds at my feeders. I have to go look them all up on internet to find out what they are. They are all so pretty and sweet and of course very vocal.


Even a big hawk was seen sitting on the fence post the other day ... of course no other birds were in sight... they knew he was there and a threat to them. He didn't stay long thank goodness... he was very pretty but I sure did not want him hanging around thinking his feathered lunch was nearby.

Three Stooges

Joe Biden put his foot in it again... exposing the location of a top secret VP bunker. How could a responsible Vice President do that. Wow... what do they do now. Build a new one at great expense.?? And then there's old Nancy. She should resign - accusing the CIA of lying. They should use "enhanced terrogation techniques" on her to get her to admit to lying. I've had enough of her. She really does think she's the greatest. Third in line to be President ... that's a scarey thought. And Obama.... well ... I think Notre Dame university will lose a lot of its funding now that they have given him an Honorary degree. He's all for abortions ..... and that isn't what Catholic schools are about. Every day I can't believe the latest edition of gaffes and misadventures these three get up to.
I think the only ones who are doing their jobs correctly are the brave astronauts who have successfully repaired the marvellous Hubble telescope. What a wonderful thing that is. It was like performing brain surgery up there in space.... not an easy task for sure. God Bless them for their bravery, for their endurance and for their skills to do the job that most of the rest of the world could never do. I keep them all in my heart.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time to Celebrate

well I'm not sure how I can celebrate..... without having a yummy piece of cake, or a nice alcoholic drink, perhaps a box of chocolates... No, No, No. I'd be extremely bad if I did that but perhaps if I jump around the house a bit ... LOL... like a crazy woman that will suffice. My blood sugar this morning was way down to 6.4. I cannot remember when it was that low. So my insulin is working and perhaps as I tweek it a bit with regards to the food and the time of night I inject myself, or what I eat nearer to bedtime ... I might be able to bring the insulin dose down a bit.
What a nice surprise it was to at last see something happening. I'm beginning to feel a bit like a pin cushion ... with injecting myself and also jabbing that little needle to get a drop of blood for testing .... so often ... but I can take all that if it works for me. The diabetes educator will be happy for me when I go back on the 26th to see her. She's been very good with me, and very helpful. I think if I lived in a town where there were heaps of wonderful malls and nice shops I might splurge on a pretty new jumper (sweater as they say here in Canada) .... but there are not many stores here in our little Canadian town so I'll have to celebrate when I get to visit a bigger town or perhaps down in Vancouver when we get there to visit my father in law one day.
In the meantime I'll continue to be good.... plenty of exercise and no yummy things to eat ... and keeping my fingers crossed that my diabetic neuropathy in my legs will abate or perhaps disappear.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Farrah's Story

I watched Farrah's story tonight. Wasn't sure if I liked it or not. I still can't figure out why anyone would want to do this in front of a camera. She is of course dying of cancer and after her many trips to Germany and treatment in the USA nothing seems to be working for her now and it seems her time is nearly gone. So sad. I guess it might have helped her a bit knowing that she might inspire others to fight ... but I think if I had it - I would want to be spending my remaining days doing things I liked .. not having tests and going through all the hardships associated with it. It was a bit like she was wasting the remaining time she had. But that's just my opinion. It must be dreadful for people suffering from cancer. My prayers are for her and for all the others. :-((

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Biking Around

I went bike riding this evening. It was a nice mild time ... and lots of fun cruising down the road to the plant nursery. Past a house which had three beautiful horses in the field, then came across some barking dogs who distracted me a bit. I have a little basket on the front like this little girl has ... but alas, no doggie in a wagon being towed behind. I was a good girl, and wore my helmet.... :-) darn thing squishes my hair but that can't be helped. At least it will save my head if I fall off which I've done a couple of times last year. I go slow, and enjoy the view. It seems to help with my diabetes blood sugar reading later on in the night .... so I have to keep going and try to get in some extra time out there. Soon the lawn will need mowing .....(that will be good exercise for me) ... it's growing so fast and so lovely and green... which is nice to see after many, many, cold winter months where everything is snow and ice. We even had some hummingbirds zoom passed us today whilst we were out on the deck. I love those little things. They are like fighter jets... so fast and tipping and turning in all directions.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Old Nancy Pelosi is in deep do-do ... :-) She is now denying that she was ever told about the "torture" procedures even though she went to a briefing back in 2002 after 9.11 ...... and was shown how it all went on .... she is back stepping like hell now. She even said at the time ...shouldn't they be doing more.... Since it now suits her politically to deny it all ....... makes one wonder is there anyone at all in Congress that is decent, reliable, and who really has the country's best interests at heart.
Sad as it is ... I think these people like her .... need something else bad to happen before they begin to realise that the things that the military did to protect the country from further attacks... which it did .... for 7 or so years after 9.11 ... worked. It's like they have forgotten the suffering and deaths. The bad guys will not hesitate to behead anyone they don't like, they are killing military, they are suicide bombing countries all over the world. What the bloody hell does it matter if they get tortured. I have no time for do-gooders who stand up for the terrorists rights. They do not care about our rights. And if putting a caterpiller into a box with a guy who is frightened of insects can be classed as torture ... what the heck has the world come to when they worry about doing that. Pelosi is going down.... down the gurglar and needs to resign or have her political position taken away from her. She was indeed told about the procedures years ago ... now she's blaming the CIA and they won't like that. She's a liar... and that's scarey when she's third in line to be President. If something bad happened to Obama, and then Joe Biden ... she's the one who would be head of the country. YIKES !

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Naughty But Nice

I will need to go on cat patrol today and forever after. This morning I saw the big white cat from down the road walking away with a little bird in its mouth. They are so cruel. Most times they don't eat them, they aren't hungry, it's just something to torture till it dies. He is owned by an old lady a few doors away from me ... she's also got a black one... but I might have to go visit her soon and tell her that they are killing the birds in our yard. I hate it that it might have been my fault for feeding them.... but then again we have a big field behind us and the cats go over there regardless. I'll sit out there today with something to throw at the cat... a small potato will do ... :-) I can't have him coming and killing my birds. There have been so many lately... so pretty, so busy and so happy in their singing and antics. Oh well.... perhaps he might have caught it anyway even if I wasn't putting food out for them. :-((

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Highland Fling

I woke up this morning at 5 am..... turned on the Country Music TV channel in my bedroom and on came this guy. I love the song, love the voice.... had never heard it before but it sure is nice.
His name is Johnny Reid.... his voice is scratchy sort of .... husky and different ... reminded me a bit of Joe Cocker or someone like him...maybe Stevie Ray Vaughan... anyway I loved it ... I'm hooked on this guy now. Move over Alan Jackson... :-))
I've bookmarked it and I know I'll visit it often... the words are so romantic and sweet ....
he's got a strong Scottish accent...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sweet Surprise

What a nice surprise I had yesterday when three little girls who live next door to me here in the woods of Canada... knocked on the door and gave me a beautiful huge hand made Mother's Day card. They had drawn smiley faces on it... and inside when I opened it ... there was a big beak that opened and Happy Mother's Day was written inside it's mouth. It was all so cute and nice and I could see that they had gone to a lot of trouble to make it for me. The words were sweet .. saying thank you to me for being such a nice neighbour. I will have to get them together soon and take their photo and post it on my blog here.
I think they enjoyed a story I told them one day whilst we were standing out in the snow during the winter. They were enjoying the deer that were coming into our yard ... and I told them about a couple of moose that ventured one day into the front part of the yard along the little gravel roadway. I had a huge, beautiful, dressed snow man built near our deck steps and the moose came by, sniffing and wondering what the heck he was .. when all of a sudden he began to eat his carrot nose. They laughed and laughed ... It sure was funny to see the mum moose and her baby moose thinking the old snowman might be good for lunch.
I also got a pretty hanging plant from my little Connor. He came with his mum and was more enthralled that his Aussie grandma had a tea tray on the little table on the deck ... and on that tray were cookies. He looked at the plate with the cookies on it .. then looked at me... looked back at the plate, then looked at me again and I smiled ... he knew it was okay to help himself... so he took one in one hand, one in the other, and was trying to figure out how he could take the lot off the plate when he had no spare hands left. So funny. It was a nice Mother's Day for sure... even though I'm not a real mum to anyone ..... even a lady I passed when I was riding my bike to the Library yelled out Happy Mother's Day to me... :-)

Up Up and Away

Big day today for NASA. One space shuttle is ready to launch at 2 p.m. and they have another one ready to launch in case the first bunch of crew members get into trouble during the flight or when they get into space. They are going to do maintenance on the Hubble telescope so it's a big deal and this is the first time ever that they have had another shuttle ready on the launch pad in case something bad happens.
How brave are these people... holey moley I could never do it. I would be so scared I'd probably pee my pants ... I'd not be smart enough in the first place to learn all they need to know ... and what a worry for their families it all must be.
I'm keeping them in my prayers ......... Stay safe brave ones....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Around and Around

I began my insulin therapy yesterday... wasn't too easy at first injecting myself but I'm better at it already and it doesn't hurt so that is good. I'm hoping I can get the diabetes under control now and feel better. I have eaten correctly for a long time now but nothing was working for me... I guess the old pancreas wasn't working as good as it should... I was pleased when the doctor said it was not my fault...
I was reading up on poor Farrah Fawcett too.. she has cancer and now has lost her pretty hair. I don't think she has long to live... same goes for Patrick Swayze. What a horrible thing this cancer is. My grandfather died of it when I was about 5 ... and that was back in 1955 ... it amazes me that there has not been a cure found for it. I sometimes think that drug companies make so much money out of us all being ill .. why would they declare a cure even if they had one ... it's in their best interests to keep making pills or whatever for us to keep paying them for.
And as I watch the telly each day .. there isn't an hour go by that I don't see an advertisement for medications or for claims about compensation for medications that have caused disastrous side effects or even death. Claim this ... claim that .. see this lawyer or that lawyer. Recalled drugs, drug interactions ... it goes on and on .... I think most people would feel a whole lot better without the drugs. I know I do ... you take one and that gives you side effects which you have to take another one for ... its a vicious circle of pain, medication, more pain, more medication ... turning us into some sort of sleeping zombies. Thank goodness I only need to take my blood pressure meds.. and now the insulin ... and with my bike riding and running and walking on my treadmill I should be able to lose even more weight and get off the bp meds and even the insulin ... who knows... :-) At least its worth a try. I'll end up looking like a super model.. with a thin, slinky body... Now that really is dreaming !!!!! :-))

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Have a wonderful mother's day .. if you are a mum.... or grandmum. And to all the mum's like me who could not have children ... bless you for being mum's to your fur babies who I'm sure appreciate all that you do for them and if they could... they would buy you a huge bouquet of flowers and chockies ... .to tell you how much they appreciate you and love you. :-))
They are special little critters who are in our hearts forever. I will miss my Wilbur on Mother's day. We always would go for a beautiful long walk ... then come home and share some cookies and just enjoy each other's company.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pretty Woman

Woke up this morning to lots of rain and even some snow tossed in for good measure.. I thought the snow had finished but its putting on a grand show again - not wanting to give up just yet for the spring and summer. Oh well... it will be a good day to sit and read my mysteries. Tomorrow I'm off to the diabetes educator for her to show me how to begin my insulin treatment. I have all the stuff I need and I'm actually looking forward to beginning it so I can start to feel better. On the news I saw early ... and actually since she was in the pageant... poor Miss California .. once again the crazy left wing journalists, tv people and of course the gays ... are attacking her for the way she answered Perez Hilton's question about marriage. He's as gay as they come ..!!!! and very weird to begin with ... and when she said she believed in marriage between a man and a woman she's being vilified from all directions. Terribly mean and senseless.. the poor girl simply answered a question ... of course they knew what that question was going to be from a gay judge ... now they are being completely horrible to her.
Sad state of affairs when people can't stand up for what they believe in and get treated so badly for simply saying she doesn't think people of the same sex should get married. I'm with her... I understand that some gay couples might want to at least be able to visit sick partners in hospitals etc. if they are dying ... and be allowed to like a spouse would be ... but opening the door for men to marry each other and women to marry each other... what the heck will be next. Grandparents marrying grandchildren, brothers marrying sisters, men marrying more than one woman ... it's stupid and it seems like everything else going on in today's world ... people are dropping morals and faith in droves and making new rules along the way to suit themselves.
And God help you if you don't tow the line and do what these new rule makers want you to do.
What is wrong with everyone .... I'm not against gays ... that doesnt bother me .... but I am against them forcing their beliefs on the country like they are the only people who matter. Beautiful Miss California deserves better treatment ... the way its going she will lose her crown soon ... they just want her out and they sure don't let up on the nastiness and cruelty.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Much is that Doggie ...

I saw a little puppy at the mall today for sale. Gorogeous little curly, soft and caramel/cream coloured little dude... I loved him at first sight. But he was too expensive for me. $350. Wow.. what has happened to all those little puppies that you used to have people giving away ... she had three there for sale and there was over $1000 looking at me. I miss my Wilbur so much and would love another dog. I guess I'll have to keep looking and maybe find one that needs a kind home ... someone to love it and be its "mum". :-) Wilbur was a freebie ... I fell in love with him at first sight too...with his little brown and white face. He was so scared and shy and he seemed to be like that all his life bless him. ~~

Maybe my new little one hasn't even been born yet... :-) Maybe he'll just be somewhere one day when I'm there too and we'll get together... and I'll be able to bring him home with me.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rock a Bye Baby

Well it must be pretty tiring hanging out with the Aussie grandma. Our little Connor came today for a visit whilst his mum went off to the gym. We went for a walk in the stroller... then we played with his train on a rope in the back yard .. we fed the birds some apple peelings and pieces he was eating ... we checked out what was in the shed, we played ball up on the deck. Then we sat on the chairs down on the lawn which isn't quite green yet from its winter hibernation ... had some rice crispies then rocked back and forth on my nice swingy seat.
We put up the big shady umbrella... and had some nice cool drink to quench our thirst after all that activity. :-)
Wasn't long before his eyes were shutting .. slowly at first .. fighting all the way because he was having too much fun to go to sleep ... :-) then as the old Aussie grandma rocked back and forth on the swing holding onto him ... off he went. Birds chirping, sun shining, quiet and lovely here in the woods. It was nap time ... and there was no holding him back from it.
LOL so funny.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Garden Friends

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Took this photo this afternoon. The little birds are so pretty and my squirrel tried to beat them all to the seeds. He's quite a character.

Can't Buy It

This is such a pretty image... I snagged it from somewhere... did not make it... The little birds it mentions certainly is true... they sure are out there in droves .. wanting to fill up their tiny feathered bellies. This morning I went out early ... and found my little squirrel doing his very loud squirrel noise from under the shed. He was standing there near the steps so I think he's hanging out somewhere close by if not completely under the shed.
I think I frightened him a bit .. it was very early and I don't think he expected me just yet. I also filled up the hummingbird feeder with lovely, sugary pink water for them as my friend who lives way up in the woods said he saw some yesterday so it means they will soon be down here in my yard like they were last year. They are really wonderful to watch and if you wear something pink or red they come so close almost landing on your shoulders. Zipping by your ear like buzzing bees ..... and I never realised they were so small till I saw one up close. Beautiful as usual.... We may not have much money, or a fancy house ... but we sure do have the beauty of nature all around us here in the woods ... there is nothing sweeter ...... money couldn't buy that.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

All God's Creatures

to help feed the animals in shelters and safe houses. Poor, sweet little things are relying on all of us to take the time to click on the link .. it costs you nothing... and each time you do that they get half a bowl of food supplied by the advertisers on that page. I quickly click on it several times a day but I'm not brave enough to read the distressing things about all those animals in need. It breaks my heart ...... but at least I can click and know that in some small way I'm helping them. You can go further on that next page from the first click and actually see the amount of food they are receiving ... so lots of people must be doing it for them.... thank you dear ones for taking the time .... :-) I know they must all appreciate it very much ... my little deers here certainly did in the winter when they would come for food. And now I'm inundated with pretty little birds and even wild ducks. I think we are nice people when we help the animals.

Vintage Pretties

Well I had to do it again. Vintage and Victorian goodies are my favourite things. I love creating using the gorgeous ladies, or the colourful roses on vintage postcards etc. There are so many wonderful images of fine art painted in the Victorian and Edwardian era so I made a new group yesterday called "Vintage Pretties". If you enjoy pretty things you might like to drop by the sign up page and see if it suits you. You would be most welcome to be a member of the group. :-)

Friday, May 1, 2009

All the Grandmas

Our little Connor was here this evening ... for a few hours. I took him for a really enjoyable long walk up the hill and passed a lot of houses... and barking dogs... :-) He made a crow noise when he saw one on somebody's front lawn... he "talked" to me all the way as I pushed his stroller ....even though I can't understand a darn word of it.... he's trying hard to get the words out and he's pretty good at saying "How woe" ......... Hello of course.... he's so funny and sweet.
He loves watching the birds with me .. and eating cookies at the same time .... I must admit it's lovely to be a grandma even if I'm just a pretend one ... we are not blood related ... even though some say we look alike. He's a lucky boy..... he has real grandmas, a step grandma and two great grandmas.... and even a step great grandma....

Seeds of Contentment

I just toasted up a container full of sunflower seeds.. .I love those.... put the raw shelled ones onto a cookie sheet and toast them in the oven for just a couple of minutes. I add them to everything or when I want a little nibble of something I eat a teaspoon of them. Having diabetes means I have to be very careful what I eat ... these seem to help me a lot with the snacking thing.... and they are so yummy. I think my little squirrels here who visit my bird feeder every day would love them even more if I toasted theirs for them. I watched one little guy up close just a few days ago... I wanted to see how he actually got into the seed to get out the yummy middle part... I was only about 6 inches away from him. He picked one up... and sort of bit it across the top like he was undoing a zipper and then sucked up the seed and then tossed away the shell. He was gobbling them up like there was no tomorrow.
So gorgeous and funny. We have lots more birds coming to visit and there sure isn't anything nicer than sitting out on the deck in the shade watching and listening to their antics each day.
Reading my mystery and having a cuppa and enjoying the sounds. Our human visitor today enjoyed the tea out on the deck with us .... I could just sit there all day ...... nothing like it...