Thursday, December 31, 2009

My little wild friends came for their lunch today.... I think they like grapes best ... and then apples and tomatoes... So funny watching them pick through the things they want to eat first... Eventually they all come back and eat everything anyway. :-)
Happy New Year to you all... I hope its a wonderful one for you. 2009 seemed to be a bit depressing and ordinary for me. Things didn't seem to work out as I had planned .... disappointments in a few things .... many nice people passed away... like Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze, and Michael Jackson. I wasn't a particular fan of MJ until I saw his concerts again after his death. He sure was an entertainer and wonderful at what he did. Sad life too for him despite his millions of dollars. ~~~~~~~ And of course the terrorists still had their agendas. Sadly I don't think that is going to cease any time soon. If anything, it seems to be getting worse on a daily basis. We will be staying home tonight as the temperatures are going down to about minus 30. We have lots of movies we can watch and I've also got the new book by Dan Brown... The Lost Symbol and I've already made a good dent in it. About 20 chapters so far. And it was nice that I could get it in large print from my library. It's good so far... :-)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We had a busy day today gathering food for the deer. Lots of fruit and veggies we got from our supermarket. Wandered in and the guy said did we want deer food and of course I said yes please...!!! They have lots of yummy "popsicles" out there now on the snow for their visit in the night. I'm so glad I can help them find some food in the bitter winter.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I love this photo.... they sure are good friends.... :-) You can click on it to see it much larger.

Shovelling, shovelling, shovelling... that's all I seemed to do today. We've had snow coming down all day since I woke up at 6 a.m. Oh well!!! at least its good exercise... and Brian and I had a "filled up shovel of snow" fight. I couldn't toss my shovel full far enough... but he sure got me... The little deer have come for the twilight snack of corn. A few calls to the field and a rattle of the container and they were there.

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No need to introduce you to this wonderful character if you are a regular visitor to my blog. He's my grand dog .. I love him magnificently. *(s)....

A pretty desktop wallpaper from my Sweet Yesterdays Collection. Click on it to see it full size and save it from there.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

As I sat here over Christmas I got to thinking about Tiger Woods. He got his "people" to load up the boat ... a huge, magnificent creation ... and him and a bunch of his mates took off for Acapulc0
for Christmas to get away from all the press and harassment. But what about his little children. I thought his actions were pretty pathetic when he obviously had no intention of spending any time with them over the holidays. Whether the wife has them or not is irrelevant because surely he could have had them for a day or so or even a few hours on Christmas Day. Creepy he is for sure. Oh well.. as they say ... I guess money can't buy you happiness.... It can probably buy you all the material things you want but not respect and love and decency.

How fortunate that the authorities got the guy on the plane who had explosives on board. He was planning to blow up the American plane just before it was due to land. I must say that something is drastically lacking in the security for airports overseas especially. This guy was on some list as a terrorist suspect yet he managed to get a visa from the USA .. then got a ticket .. no return... had no luggage .. and even his father had contacted the powers that be telling them of his radical views and his worry about what he might do. Thank goodness they got this one in time .... hundreds of people would have died. I sure do hope 2010 is a better year than 2009 seems to have been.

They scrub up pretty well... *(s) ... compared to the early morning photo below. Christmas night .. all done up in red. Hannah and Connor.... he was trying to say cheese. Can only say a few words still.... but cookies is one of them (of course, of course)... *(s) You can click on the image to see it larger. Hannie's dress was very sweet... black velvet on the top, with a pretty white bottom with black dots... and a diamente belt.

You can click on the card images above to see them full size and save from there....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wow!... I have just sat through a 24 hr movie marathon ... all old Sherlock Holmes films on Turner Classic movie channel. There were a couple that I remembered so I had a nap then woke up again to a coloured version made in the 1970's about him catching Jack the Ripper. Great stuff. Also shared the movies with my grand-dog when he came for a sleepover on Christmas night. He's beautiful ... Christmas was sort of busy .... I ate too much .... at least our weather wasn't absolutely mind-boggling freezing.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

New Christmas camera... Hannah and our little Connor. They had fun this morning,
up in the dark... seeing what santa had brought them.

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Undoing the goodies, ripping off the paper, making way for the next gift... kids get so much these days I'm amazed. Turkey is in the oven, grand-dog has come for a visit till supper time.... brunch with my Brian.... and a pretty table all set for visiting kids and grands for the evening meal. I haven't seen my little deer yet today .... so I guess they will visit in the night when it's quieter. At least the weather isn't so cold. Santa didn't leave me a puppy ... :-(( It all seems to be hustle and bustle ... where has the peace and joy gone to .... I guess I am missing my parents today ... missing my Aussie mates who would be calling in with cakes and a few drinks.... or inviting me to a barbecue..... One happy thing for me today is that Turner Classic Movie channel has a Sherlock Holmes movie marathon on all day, through the night and all day tomorrow so if this Aussie can keep her eyes open she'll be in Sherlock heaven. :-)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas downunder. Santa is on his way delivering your gifts. I hope he saves some for us up here in the northern hemisphere.... I always feel a bit like I have two Christmas's or birthdays... when they are on different dates ... at the top and the bottom of the earth. When I met my Brian online I found it hard to believe that I was in Tasmania.... close to Antarctica .. and he was in British Columbia, Canada... close to Alaska. We were both so far apart it couldn't have been much further if we had tried. I will be thinking of my mum and dad today especially and if I was still in Australia I would be visiting their graves and bringing them pretty flowers. All I can do from up here is to look up at the night skies and send them a little prayer and ask that they look after my dear Wilbur dog for me. ~~~~~~~~~ Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year everyone.

Nothing better than being snuggled on the sofa reading a nice mystery... here is a list of cosy mysteries with heaps and heaps of wonderful books to read. I love these types of books so I'll be checking to see if our online libary has them. I'm sure they will....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shopping today ... ventured out in the snow ... so cold.. went to the town north of us which has many more shops than our little northern Canadian town. The drive is spectacular with mountains all around, frozen rivers, trees everywhere .. sometimes a moose or a deer or some coyotes in the fields.... Found nearly all the shops had sales on.... but unless I took some lottery winnings with me .. alas... it was a meagre adventure in spending. I could have shopped till I dropped. All the beautiful Christmas decorations were on sale.. up to 80% off ... but how many pretty things does one need in a small house. Wow... I would have loved to have had a big two storey house with room for more than one christmas tree. One up and one down perhaps.... oh well... one can dream. I shall have to keep buying those lottery tickets. I did manage to get a big bag of bird seed for my sweet little feathered friends out there trying to find food in the bitterly cold temperatures we've been having lately. ~~~~~~~~~~~ This morning was a weird example of how low we can go....I went outside with my hair wet from the shower ... only to have it turn solid on my head. Just a few steps to the deck and down to the ground ... and I thought something had landed on my head.... it was icicles forming ... and becoming spikey, crunchy and so weird I began to laugh. I had never had that happen before. My whole head was one frozen mess....... weird and wonderful all at the same time...... :-)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Just had some visitors this afternoon ... took their photo through the window... so although its not perfectly clear its not too bad seeing that its snowy and misty outside.... They arrived on time ... and just stood there watching me as I put the container of corn onto the ground and spread it out into little piles for them. One big bossy boots wanted it all for himself ... hence the little piles ... so everyone gets a look in. There are two at the back in the bigger feeder... so click on the image to see it larger ....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pizza tonight ... never buy them... always so expensive... but tonight they had some on sale at the supermarket so I got a thin crust three cheese version and added ham and onion when I got home. It smells yummy. We had to go out in the snow ... its been coming down all day and piling up all over the place. I've been a good girl and done my shovelling of the deck and back yard paths so I can get down to feed the deer and the birds...... I'm thinking when I wake up we'll have to do it all over again... **(s)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I've been looking around some blog spots for help in modifying or altering my blog in lots of ways. Golly there are heaps of helpful places where you can find out all sorts of things. Like how to remove the border line that appears around your images, how to alter the spacing between lines so you don't get double spacing, (I've done both of those because they have been bugging me for ages)..... I tried once to learn html but just hated it. It was worse than being back at school and being forced to present essays and assignments on time. I thought to myself one Sunday whilst I was struggling with a problem with html... that the heck am I worrying about this for. I'd rather be watching a movie or reading my books than attempting to become an html expert. Really who needs to unless you are a webmaster ..... I find lots of help from just searching around.... I wish I had lots more blogs... but I can't really think of what else I might write about each day. There is of course, my Reflections of the Past blog which I haven't added to for quite a while... but its got lots of pretty vintage images to snag ... things I have made.... you can find the link on this page ... right hand side ... down a bit.

Friday, December 18, 2009

I love blogs as you can tell. What a great way to interact with family and friends .. and share some of the things you love.... there's heaps of pretty blog tops on my site ... I called them toppers so hop over and check them out if you are on the look out for pretty goodies to enhance your own blog.

A desktop wallpaper for you...
just click on the image to see it full size and save or install it from there....
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My beautiful little deer visitors. They come each day .... absolutely gorgeous.
I think these two might be twins. They are identical. They remind me of ballet dancers, walking around on tip toes. *(s)

Our little Connor drawing on the blackboard here beside grandma in our "office"... he sure does love standing on the chair and fiddling around with the chalk. And of course rubbing it all off again with a damp cloth.
His blonde hair is lovely....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I think this one is so pretty... It's not for Christmas but it sure will brighten up your computer screen ... click on the image to see it full size and save it from there.

I finally got a little bit of money for myself to use this Christmas. I spent it on bird seed and deer food... *(s).... I hope they appreciate the fact that I went without a new mascara, some cookies I would have loved and of course a little box of chocolates for myself. Bless them... I love them all so much and they sure do brighten each day in the snow up here in British Columbia.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The little chickadees this morning were zooming into the bird feeders ... going so fast, gobbling up the little peanuts and carrying them off. They loved the suet ball covered in seeds and although its frozen they seem to manage to get some of the fat and nourishing goodness from it. I had another one in the freezer so I brought it out and thawed some of it and placed those pieces also into the feeders and hopefully they will mange to get big chunks of it before it too, freezes solid out there. They couldn't wait for me to move back a bit ... they were going all around my head and chirping their songs as they went. They are the sweetest little things I've seen ... and just like the ones below in the image.

Last night was the Christmas concert for Hannah's school so we ventured out into the black wilderness ... *(s)... it was so cold and snowy. We got to the school and the trucks and cars were going in there like they were going to attend a Beatles concert. I think most of the town was there. I sat next to a sweet little guy who sat on his dad's knee.... his name is Ethan and he's two and a half and he thought it was great when we started to clap and I yelled out ... Yeah!!! a few times... He began to yell it out too. Then he started to sing and his dad had a digital camera as did most of the audience ... so he played with that and kept saying "cheese" all the time the concert was on. So funny. It was a treat as always to see the kids dressed up and they even had a skit about Australia. Sang a song about Santa and his white kangaroos pulling the sleigh. That was a new one to me but it was fun. Makes Christmas all that much nicer when you see all the fun stuff.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gotta laugh at this one. So funny. Poor little guy.. his mum or dad obviously had the idea to put a melon on his head. What makes me laugh is that none of these little cuties know how gorgeous they are let alone how silly they look.
I got to thinking about the deer .. one beautiful little one that comes to visit us has the beginnings of antlers on his head. They are only about 2 inches high so far .. but the sweet little one doesn't even know he's got those things growing .... until they get heavy I suppose or he starts crashing into the trees and bushes and wonders what the heck is going on. Bless them all... they make me laugh every single day ... this one sure made me smile... *(s)

Monday, December 14, 2009

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Cute little girl... she's in my collection called "Retro Twinkles"...
you might like to check out the page at my website.... they are all so pretty.
Click on her to take you there.
And writing about little girls... a new baby girl born in Belgium this week ... (little Evy).... bless her she has some troubles. She is the great grandaughter of a dear lady ... so do keep her in your prayers.

You can click on the image and see it larger, full size. I've called them ......"toppers" and you could of course use them for your blogs, stationery, make it into a card... all sorts of ways to use them. I'll be adding a whole huge bunch of them to my website soon..... *(s)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holey moley... minus 53 is the temperature expected in a place here in British Columbia. Its further down south than us ... we are going to have minus 33 I think....and we are pretty close to the bottom of Alaska. I cannot believe that anything can survive that temperature. I feel so bad for the deer, moose, wolves, birds ... sweet things it must be horrendous for them. Many do indeed die ....... I am beginning to think I'm back in Tasmania, which is close to the Antarctic where the temps there can be about minus 65 or so. Please keep the little and big creatures in your prayers ... ask God to keep them safe and let them find some food. :-((

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Click on the image to see it full size... its for the larger 1250 screens ... Christmas desktop wallpaper to make your days Christmasy... *(s)... hope you like it.

Tiger Woods infidelities and cheating keeps adding up. Number eleven now. And worse is to come I suspect. Love children, sex tapes and whatever else they will find out about him. What a creep.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Walked today in the freezing cold over to our library... had to get my new Sherlock Holmes book entitled "More Holmes for the Holidays"... so I'll have lots to read over Christmas and the New Year.
Wow!!! it was cold out there ... my face was hurting.
I hope you all are keeping warm up here in North America. There has been a very cold storm front everywhere.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You can click on the image of the snowman and see it full size... 1250 x 800 for your large computer screens.... should keep your in the Christmas spirit having it on your desktop. *(s) ... I love using wallpapers ... they sure do brighten each day and bring some prettiness to our basic old screens.

Oh!!! Tiger. You are sinking deeper and deeper into the quagmire of infidelity, cheating, divorce, payments to keep quiet, all sorts of dispicable and horrible behaviour. That's the thing when you start cheating. You don't obviously think of those around you who love you or loved you.... what effect it has on them. His little children will read about all this in years to come.... his mother-in-law this morning has been taking to the hospital... his wife, her twin sister, all of those who thought you were an upstanding and good man have had their ideas squashed. All must be devastated. And is this mistress number nine we are hearing about. And whilst your wife was pregnant you were cheating. Urgh!!! I've no time for this guy. He treated everybody with disrespect and unkindness. He should learn to keep his pants on once in a while .......... I'm astounded that his sponsors for the products he endorses still support him. What a crock that is !!!! He's certainly no role model for anything other than cheating.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's cold here today. I endeavoured to take my grand dog for a walk this morning. He is staying with us for a few days .. and always wants to go when he sees me getting dressed... waiting to watch and notice that my boots are going on .. then the tail wags and he thinks we are off... so I didn't have the heart to disappoint him. Off we went.. bundled up like a couple of eskimos... but we didn't get far before turning back. Minus 30 is just too cold to walk in. The sun is trying to come out thank goodness and will bring the temperatures up a tiny bit ... but good golly miss molly it was awful out there.
I'm back now with a hot cup of tea and a cookie. Grand dog fell asleep so all is good with the world up here at least. Snuggled and cuddled up warm again.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well when your big sister goes over to the mall to sing Christmas carols with some other kids from school and you can't even talk let alone sing ... nobody asked you to join them... and you want desperately to do what Hannah is doing ... then you just grab a booklet, march over to the mob and stand in front of big sister ... and pretend you know what you are doing. That's what our little Connor did last night. Everyone was laughing at his antics. He actually did very well... stayed in the one place and looked pretty good. *(s) Who knows what a two year old is really thinking ....... I can't believe how tall he is getting.... like his grandpa I guess.... he sure is a clever little dude .......

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Don't forget that a gift certificate is a great idea ... for those friends or family who create and would like nearly a gigabyte of goodies to play with. Or for those who love desktop wallpapers or pretty cards ... there are hundreds of those on my website. The certificates come in all monetary amounts so contact me if you wish to surprise your dear ones with something special.
Or click on the image below to take you to my website page to purchase.

A voyage to the mall this morning ... couldn't help myself.. broke down and bought some of those yummy round balls covered in coconut. I can't remember their name but they come in the same mode as those equally delicious Ferraro Rocher little balls. I know I shouldn't have had them ... but I had the three in the package .. now my blood sugar will be exploding but what the heck.. one fall from grace won't kill me I hope... and I do have my treadmill so I can walk on that for half an hour or so. We have a little squirrel at the bottom of the yard .... fossicking through the seeds to get to the sunflowers and one sweet little deer came yesterday along with his friend. He obviously was a boy deer .. because he had the makings of antlers. Just small 6 inch ones but I told him how beautiful he was and I hoped that he would grow into a big strong fellar. I came inside and then thought about their antlers. The deer probably wouldn't even know they were there growing so huge .. until they began to feel the weight of them on their heads or started banging into trees. With all the trees here in British Columbia sprouting so close together I'm amazed that anything gets through the woods at all. Moose and other critters... it was wonderful to see the deer .. they come when I rattle the corn container ...
love them to pieces .. *(s).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anyone who visits here regularly will know I'm not a fan of Obama. And after his speech last night I'm convinced he knows nothing about anything. Why would you tell your enemies (in Afghanistan and around the world) .. that you are deploying more troops to the war ... only to start withdrawing them in 2011. You certainly don't win wars by telling your enemy when you plan to get out... (and give up).... they can now sit back and wait. He also presents false statements over and over again to suit his purposes....... and his popularity and approval ratings are dropping faster than Tiger Woods trousers .... I do worry so .....
I love the USA and always have since I was a little girl watching the films on telly ... loving the actors, the snow, hearing names of places in songs ... Chatanooga Choo Choo, New York New York its a wonderful town, I could recite so many of those places I learned about because I heard them in tunes. I have also visited about 6 times from Australia .. been right across the country from top to bottom and sideways ... and I have my own USA flag. Love it love it love it... but by golly I now worry about its security, its prosperity and its future. I get so sad watching the news about people losing money, jobs, homes etc. Suicides because of it, all sorts of awful things. I just wish someone else had won the Presidential election and could do a better job than the publicity seeking Obama .......... I'm not a Republican or a Democrat .... I just want it to prosper and be great again. It's failing in so many ways.

Please don't forget when you visit here each time ....... to take a moment and click on the little button down further on the page to help feed the sweet little animals that need your help. Do some extra clicking on their page .. it costs you nothing... and you can help provide food from companies advertising there. They pay for it each time you click.... Be kind especially at Christmas... give something to those who give us so much joy with no questions asked... their love is unconditional ......... they deserve our help..... You can also click on the kitty image .. it will take you there.
Awful news about Tiger Woods... why do they do this to their families and to themselves. He's been cheating for about 3 years with many women. It's all very sad for those family members involved with the hurting. Then he lied, tried to cover it up.... it does no good to do that. The press find out eventually and then you look worse than your original "transgression" as he calls cheating on his wife. I guess when his wife sues for divorce the half a billion dollar settlement will ease the hurt a bit. I thought he was a good guy ...... beautiful wife, 2 children, playing golf for a living .. and earning millions upon millions of dollars..... those product endorsements now will go down the drain along with his career. Silly bloke!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A couple of Christmasy desktop wallpapers for Karen. I will make some more soon and share here. Just click on the images to see them full size and install on your computer or save from there. The image will come up and then move your mouse over onto the image so you see the magnifying glass and click.... it will come up larger again..... Thanks Karen also for the comment and recommendation of a good Jack the Ripper book. I'll see if I can order that one online here in British Columbia for my library to loan me...
My Sherlock game is proving very difficult but lots of fun and spookiness. *(s)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Anything to do with Sherlock Holmes and now Jack the Ripper.... my Christmas came early yesterday when I went online and purchased... (at a bargain price) ... the game about them both. The Ripper has always fascinated me .. he was never caught so who was he. I've seen many shows speculating on the origin of the Ripper .. one being that he was a member of the Royal family... so who knows. Now I'll be able to help Sherlock find out who he is. I love it... *(s). I've already visited Sherlocks house, talked to Dr. Watson, and been to the Police Station in Whitechapel to see more of the documentation and to hear their thoughts on the crime. It is so involved and it will keep me busy up here in the long winter months. The graphics are wonderful,.... you can come out of the police station or Sherlock's boarding house at 221B Baker Street and turn corners ... you can walk down the streets in Sherlock's persona ..... you can get up close to women of the streets who inevitably will become the Ripper's next victim .... and you can turn the "camera" to look at the buildings, and into all sorts of corners. Great stuff !!!! And there are a lot more Sherlock adventures out there .... I've also got two more books coming to me from the online library ... and have just finished "Holmes for the Holidays" book which was great ... (stories from other authors depicting Homes and Watson's many Christmases together and more crimes to solve... ) ..............

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My cute little wooden santa I painted many, many years ago.
He's sitting on my printer here on my desk.
May as well spruce up the old office as well as the rest of the house prior to the real santas visit.....
Gosh these Christmases seem to be coming around faster each year.

I'm not sure if our 9 year old Hannah still believes in Santa or not. Last year I remember her saying that the guy in the mall ... the santa there to have your photo taken with .. "wasn't really Santa Claus.... and she wanted to meet the real one"...... so funny....
Who knows... living up here in the woods of northern Canada we aren't that far from the North Pole and I'm sure he flies over us on his way around the world ...... we might actually meet "the real one" of these days especially if his reindeer need a refuelling stop ...
Our little deer have returned already ... they must have remembered that they got spoiled last year with cracked corn and all things fruit and veggies ... I love these guys... and gals... I could watch them walk for hours. Standing on tippy toes like ballet dancers. And it wasn't until I saw them in real life that I realised their little heels don't touch the ground. Just gorgeous....

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I decided to decorate for Christmas today so I've been busy putting up the tree, all covered in its new decorations we got on sale last year.... all white and copper coloured so that is something different for me. I usually stick with big red bows and gold... The snow is coming down and the little birds are in our yard gobbling up the seeds.... and we now have reindeer and a sleigh on our deck railing that will light up at night.
The tree has sparkling lights, the wreaths are on the doors and the snowman I painted which stands very tall has his usual position close to the tree. ~~~~~~
There are green vines of pine around the house, the big red stocking with its gold embroidery hangs from a peg on the wall, there are more snowmen all dressed in their finery ... very elegant .. also purchased on sale ... there are red poinsettas, and so much more ... the grands will love them especially little Connor who just recently turned two. He liked it enough last year but this time he'll be able to appreciate it a bit more I think. He'll be into it all, checking it out ... probably to see if there's any candy onboard. Nothing like decorating in December especially in the snow. Aussie christmases are hot and bothersome .....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Christmas Desktop for you ... from the goodies in my Retro Christmas Collection at Click on the image to see it full size... 1280 ... and you can install it or save it from there.

Happy Thanksgiving to you .... It is not a custom us Aussies have but since I've been here in Canada and have met so many of my online friends who are from the USA's been great discovering the celebration and learning all about it. I would love to be having some pecan pie today.... It's my favourite. Not so the turkey... I'll have something else. Have a wonderful day with your families and friends... stay safe ... and you can send me all the left over pecan pies you want to ... *(s)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just watched "Angels and Demons" the new film from the book by Dan Brown. It was good... then we also re-watched "The Da Vinci Code" ... it was even more interesting second time around. Makes you think.... makes you wonder about religion and the holy grail. I'm also looking forward to the new Sherlock Holmes movie coming out on Christmas Day... starring Robert Downey Jr... although I'm not sure from the previews that I approve of his portrayal of the famous Baker Street resident. So much of the film seems to be far removed from the original story lines from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but I'll watch it for sure.. I love all the old vintage scenes, filled with sepia colours and wonderful clothing. I love those top hats, and pretty costumes. My favourite Sherlock Holmes of all time is Jeremy Brett......
Navy SEALs have secretly captured one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq — the alleged mastermind of the murder and mutilation of four Blackwater USA security guards in Fallujah in 2004. And three of the SEALs who captured him are now facing criminal charges .... What is this all about. Poor blokes.... doing their job... heroes for capturing this guy who murdered the security guards now they are facing trials because the terrorist said he got bloody lip and a punch in the stomach. I give up!!!! Why are the terrorists gaining more ground day after day by these antics .... the legal system seems to always be on their side rather than on their own citizens side. What will this do to morale ... what will it do to future captures ...
It's a horrible sign of the times today. Just like the guys who were the masterminds of 9.11 being given the platform of having a trial in New York. One can only imagine the security costs ... and the painful recollections of the victims families ..... and then they'll be the guys who support the terrorists and who will be protesting or whatever. They will laugh in trial as they did last time ..... making fun of their victims..... I'm beginning to wonder why does any person join the armed forces... when the terrorists get treated better than they do ... they were simply doing their job. And who says this Blackwater murderer didn't punch himself just so he could get revenge on his captors. It's ridiculous and horrid. I will keep these good guys in my prayers.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It seems like people are getting their shopping done for Christmas and already have their trees up in some stores. We have a nice little shoppe in town where you can go for coffee and I walked over there this morning... They had a very pretty tree and all red ribbons and lights. On the way past there I looked in the window of the hardware store and they had those pretty christmas trees that already come with lights on them.
I think that is the way to go... no more untangling bundles of wires and lights .. and then having to space them around the tree so they look nice. They come already looking wonderful.
As it is snowing today I looked out my window to the back yard and saw three beautiful deer.... into the corn in the feeder. They looked gorgeous with their heads covered in snow. I think they remember me from last year because I went down to refill the container and they just sort of stepped back a bit and watched every move I made... and I hadn't even got back to the deck steps and they were there again at the corn. I'm happy that I can help them. The winters here in northern Canada are bitterly cold. I'm sure they appreciate it and look forward to being spoiled.... *(s)